3SK Giveaway! Win Polymer Clay and Craft Stuff! Read For Details

3SK Giveaway! Win Polymer Clay and Craft Stuff! Read For Details

Hey there! We at 3SK have been pretty inactive in online presence this month due to a lot of things we’ve got brewing. I have a personal e-book project going on, but basically what’s really taken my time is making costumes for Ozine Fest. ^^;; So this giveaway is truly delayed!

But still, I am holding it in celebration of our official move to our own .com from my free wordpress blog. This blog, the domain and technical stuff, and all the graphic work, is thanks to my brother Joey of Friendly Panda Creations~! We’re still starting out again so we’d like to gain awesome subscribers—so by way of bribe here is a giveaway~! We’ll be giving away art and craft materials mostly, as pictured above! Also included are stuff NOT pictured above. xD I get lots of messages and comments on my blog from readers who want to start their own polymer clay hobby or business, so I decided it’s appropriate to give away what is mostly a polymer clay starter kit.

 photo claygiveaway_zps9923a437.jpg The giveaway will include 2oz and 1oz blocks of clay in various colors and brands. It’s a mixture of Premo, Sculpey III, and Bakeshop. ^^

 photo findings_zps709409cd.jpg There will also be metal findings in various quantities, all included in a small, compact organizer. You’ve got basics like eyepins and earring posts, and stuff for the more creative like hair combs and barrettes. I’ll throw in some resealable plastic pouches for packaging material. xD

 photo liquids_zps03fd991e.jpg There will also be vials of various liquids that you need or probably want to work with. xD These are smaller repacks of these liquids in small vials, but guaranteed they’re the real stuff~ They’re my destash from the big bottles I have at home. These vials are small, but a little goes a long way with these stuff! I have some Kato liquid clay, Mod Podge Gloss, cinnamon oil (you can use them to scent your clay creations), a small vial of Nendo Pixie Dust in Gold, and Sculpey Glaze Gloss. There will also be a pack of resin and hardener if you want to try your hand at resin casting. They’ll be packed in a different vial than the one pictured since they may spill.

 photo glues_zps849ada74.jpg I’ll include a de-stash of slightly used Aleene fabric glues: Jewel-it (attaching acrylic stones to fabric), No-Sew-Fabric Glue (temporary fabric glue), and OK-to-wash-it (permanent fabric glue). And then there’ll be some decoden glue sticks in Strawberry pink and Chocolate brown. Just load them into your glue gun and you have chocolate or strawberry sauce for your decoden/art projects. All that and more~! I and my brother will include other stuff in the pack, so grab this chance to join in! Get raffle points below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway is only valid for Philippine residents. To get the CODE for the five raffle entries for blog subscribers, please wait for a confirmation email from Three Smitten Kittens. ^^ Winner will be posted and contacted through our Facebook page.

Good luck!

3SK Craft Area Tour!

3SK Craft Area Tour!

Hello fellow kittens! Welcome to  our brand spankin’ new website too! Parts of it are still in the works, but for now I hope you liketh! My brother, Joey, worked hard for this lovely site and even got me this site on my birthday. So I hope the 3SK becomes bigger and better and helps you all more~!

With that being said for today’s post I thought I’d give you all a little craft area tour. ^^

 photo crafttour3_zps7c751f97.jpg

All the Three Smitten Kittens magic actually happens in a small room I rent that’s just right beside our house. It’s my room and office, and having it really helps me concentrate on work. I just moved in here a month ago (and my brother moved in next door) so it’s not too tidy, but I hope it gives you a sense of how I do what I do!

 photo crafttour6_zps5ec78fd0.jpg
My main space really is on this table. This is my work table and craft table in one. It’s an old thing that’s been with us for years, and I’m saving up for a new table for the computer. The computer is my all-in-one Acer computer, which is from hard-earned money from 3SK.

Beside it I keep a tray filled with crafting and packaging materials. Tapes, tapes, more tapes, jewelry pliers, and then mostly liquids on top–Diamond Glaze, superglue, water, glosses, Fabri-Tac and what-have-you.

My cat, Kid, really likes to jump in through the window when my door is closed, so sometimes I find things toppled over in the morning. Boo.

 photo crafttour2_zpse8550442.jpg
Inside my table drawers are more craft supplies. This wide drawer has most of my metal findings inside.

 photo crafttour4_zps4d99d175.jpg
Lots and lots of metal findings, resin cabochons, acrylic rhinestones and whatnot. These aren’t all of them! D:

 photo crafttour1_zps86020791.jpg
In my other drawer I have most of the clay I put up for sale. They’re sorted by color and brand. I have Sculpey III, Premo, Nendo Firm, and FIMO here.

 photo crafttour9_zps11e42379.jpg
I keep the opened clay packs in an old container with lots of dividers. I do my best to use up everything in here before opening a new pack. These aren’t all my clay! I have a box of more clay somewhere here.

 photo crafttour5_zpsb6afe1ef.jpg
We often move lots, so instead of big furniture, I keep most of my stuff in plastic boxes like this. This one has mostly packaging materials inside. I get my cute boxes from Quiapo.

 photo crafttour8_zps563c8a29.jpg
There are some built-in cupboards in the room, and I use them to store more craft stuff. Food isn’t anywhere here actually, haha! The amout of craft materials to the amount of food is not proportional. I have more liquids here like Mod Podge, Resin, and Silicone Putty.

 photo crafttour7_zps74177154.jpg
I have an secondhand Eastern Zenith sewing machine against the wall. It’s a steal at P2500, and mom and I got it a little over a year ago. It’s truly been an investment piece for me–ever since I had it, my sewing skills had improved and I could sew my costumes and lolita clothes. When I’m not working, I try to destress by sewing.

 photo crafttour10_zps82c1853f.jpg
All sorts of things go on in this craft area! I even take self-taken OOTD portraits here, haha. Or sometimes my brother sets up the tripod and plays photographer while I dress up.

3SK has been a dream for me, and has been all about doing what I love for a living, and waking up everyday surrounded by things I love, even in my little room. I hope the things I blog about and the items I make for others give them a small piece of their dream come true too.


Xarin Zuther

Lucaille.com Shopping Experience and Wig Review

Lucaille.com Shopping Experience and Wig Review

Lucaille is famously known in the local cosplay community for their vast catalog of high-quality wigs. With that being said, local sellers offer pre-orders of their wig for anywhere from P1500 to over P2000. It’s a brand I’ve avoided because it was always so pricey, and I was always a cheapskate. (Why I can justify buying an Alpaca wig for almost the same price is beyond me)

But  then Lucaille opened an english shopping website with the same shocking Taobao prices. (aka CHEAP) Their short wigs are at 15$ (P600-700), their long wigs at 20$ (P900), which are all a far cry from the usual P1500-P2000 they’re all sold for locally. The cheapskate in me cannot let this pass. We mean to cosplay Elsa and Anna (Frozen) and Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians) this year anyway, so I decided to look at Lucaille.com for said wigs. It would be tedious to go on the hunt for on-hand of said wigs anyway. So find out how I spent just P3000 for three Lucaille wigs, and my review on the wig quality overall.

 photo lucaillesite1_zpsf35a0b31.jpg


Elsa Snowflake Hairpins Tutorial (Custom Shapes in Resin)

Elsa Snowflake Hairpins Tutorial (Custom Shapes in Resin)

Hello everyone! Today my tutorial post with be about making Queen Elsa of Disney’s Frozen’s hairclips. This can also serve as a tutorial on how to cast custom shapes in resin, whether it’s snowflake or not!

Elsa’s snowflake earrings have a semi-transparent and sparkly quality to them that I thought was best-suited for a resin project. I chose to do the color in icy blue because that would really make it icy! You can also choose to do it in silver or any color/variety you want.

 photo frozen_elsa_zpsbf17c6c1.jpg


Birthday + Moving Out!

Birthday + Moving Out!

I missed posting last week! Real life has been keeping me busy, and February has always been a special time of the year for us. My brother Joey and I celebrate our birthdays on this month, and he and I bonded over trying to find ways to celebrate together. While this blog is mostly craft-centric, allow me to share a slice of real life every once in a while. ^^;;

According to WordPress, I’ve had this blog for four years, so I started it when I was eighteen and was pretty young and impressionable. Time flies by so fast! It’s another birthday for me, and I’m pretty old. D:

We usually celebrate our birthdays pretty simply; we just like to eat out as a family. That day my mother was out in the province so I went out with my brother and sister instead

We had sundaes for snack at Iceberg’s, dinner at Adobo Connection (which we are regulars in) and bringing home cupcakes from Lovin’ Oven.

 photo birthday_sundae_zps20f320b4.jpg


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