HELLO people who are still with me! I, Aki, am reposting after a hiatus since my shop had a lot of orders last month due to Halloween. So now, I’m trying to be back in the blogging loop by posting again! Today I’ll share some stuff going on in life, photos of me in my Kid cosplay, and about Cosplay Cards.

REAL LIFE STUFF: (feel free to skip this bit xD)

ALTHOUGH IT’S NOT VERY HAPPY NEWS that lead me to be back–Paypal decided to be r00d and froze my accounts, along with a 5-digit sum of money that’s still in it. It’s not actually that remaining money that worries me, but the fact that Paypal is freezing my account indefinitely, meaning I can neither withdraw OR accept money online–and around 90% of my shop is dependent on overseas orders. *cries in corner*

It’s really crippling for business, since I am not employed and depend solely on the shop. I also use shop earnings to support a local high school Christian organization, that, apart from spreading the word, aims to encourage kids to develop other hobbies. My mom and younger bro founded the organization and my older sis and I mostly fund it I assure you no Napoles-like stuff happen since my older sis and I are the only financial  sponsors anyway

I was also aspiring to expand the shop and teach and hire the kids to do claywork, to help give them a source of income. I came to a realization that I could import stuff, say from the US or Taobao, and make big easy money off reselling things, but I want our shop to grow to be able to employ more craftsmen, so other fellow countrymen progress with us, instead of just importing things from already big (and foreign) suppliers.

I had big dreams for the shop but it’s all come to a standstill now, which is sad. I strongly hope everything gets fixed soon.



MY BROTHER AND I decided to go to La Mesa Ecopark to quickly take photos of me as Kid from Chrono Cross.  It was a spur-of-the-moment thing (as all photoshoots between me and my brother go) and we left home at only 3PM, so we didn’t have much time and the light was dying, and the sun wasn’t even up. We hoped it wouldn’t rain.

541440_10200689566543464_649169416_nIn my previous photo of this cosplay, I found my make-up too light and natural/cute–not fitting of my idea of Kid who’s pretty spunky–and I didn’t have white face paint so the white markings weren’t there. I used white eyeliner for it but it kept going off.

Picture0018So I made another trial of the make-up at home and was more satisfied of the results. I added fake eyelid creases, and drew the eyebrows higher. Kid has pretty high arched eyebrows, and I can’t raise my brows for the love of me, so I just drew them on like that so they’re permanently like that. Also I think the thick black eyeliner helps bring out the eyes more, since I’m not allowed by my mum to wear lenses.

Also, white face paint from Marie’s Theatrical Face Paint–good stuff, and costs only P50 at Deovir!

kidsh00pWhile I’m really hands on and do about 100% of my costumes myself, I always have things I sorely hate myself for not doing–like, my cosplay weakness is gloves. If my character’s supposed to have gloves you can be assured 90% of the time I won’t attempt to buy them/make them and blindly reach for whatever is nearest to me. In this case a pair of old handsewn gloves I meant to use for a Kingdom Hearts Yuffie costume.

Also sh00ped photo is sh00ped, disclaimer.

12288_10200421665526106_1593330248_nThe costume, 100% made by me, in its full (poorly made) glory. The triangle parts are uneven and there’s thread hanging loosely everywhere and, do not be fooled, the back part of this has holes xD It’s actually all made from a VERY BIG old holey t-shirt. How does it look in person? TERRIBLE AS HELL. How does it look in photos? Not… bad. 

I widely attribute it to the fact that T-shirt fabric isn’t like any roll of fabric you can just buy off the shelves. They photograph very nicely and look “natural” (you know how stuff sewn with katrina/etc can look stiff?) and the best part is that they stretch so they can accommodate mistakes. Like, I make lots of mistakes and by all that is holy and true this isn’t how you should sew a cropped bolero, but it fits me enough and looks decent in photos.

101_2073Here is the costume (and me and my bro) in all of it’s unsh00ped glory. I usually wear red panty-shorts and sheer stockings with this costume to avoid panty shots.

I sew all my costumes or alter them from existing pieces mostly to save on money, but since I get so exhausted with them I’m likely to skimp on some detail, like gloves as previously mentioned, or linings and seams inside. To be honest most of my costumes made by me are non-sellable since the stitches on the inside and all are a  mess xD I try to do cosplays that can match my level in sewing.

101_2143There’s a reason cosplay make-up should only be worn with cosplay. *points to above photo* I look like a drag queen. Trust meh with the wig and costume on it looks normal, but without it I just look odd. Besides the wig frames my fat face and mades it look slimmer.

101_2109Cheers from me and my brother!

Also since this post is ending, let me share that my bro and I have our Cosplay cards!

ccmeetjoeyCosplay cards (also called ‘Cure Cards’) are like “business cards” for cosplayers so they can get in touch easier with their peers, photographers, etc. Or so others say, but I think of them more as a hobby within the hobby–We trade cards with our friends and other people we meet at conventions. It’s very fun to collect cards from friends, and some even print only limited editions of a certain card of theirs, so it’s like a collector’s item if you have it. :3

I think I’ll have limited cards of my Kid cosplay, then! Tell us if you want to trade. :3

-Aki / kageshoujo