Cosplay Sewing: Choosing your Starter Sewing Machine


A girl who likes art, crafts, and cosplay. She sells handmade items and accessories at her online store, Three Smitten Kittens.

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  1. Teri says:

    Thanks for pointing it out. Honestly I am captivated with electronic and cheap sewing machine I found in Lazada. But maybe I really have to go for traditional…

    How sad, poor functioning product can discourage a person. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Looking forward for your future posts.

    • Xarin says:

      I recommend those cheap ones if all you will ever need them for is repairing or resizing clothes, but not really making anything from scratch, so its not really good for cosplay sewing. Nasayang lang yung pera ko before, so I don’t want others to buy them if they want to seriously sew cosplay clothing.

      Thanks and good luck buying your sewing machine!

      • Teri says:

        Anyway, I wanted to ask if you learn sewing by yourself… I don’t know how to sew using that eh. We have a sewing machine in our house, the traditional one. I wonder if it’s easy to learn it like by watching youtube alone

        • Xarin says:

          Yes! I learned it by myself! I just read a lot of books and tutorials. For pattern-making I even just re-read my old TLE notebooks. The traditional machine is pretty easy to learn to use as well. Nakakapractice din by observing how my own clothes are sewn. I just observe what shapes are in there and then I try to copy it. ^^ Kailangan lang ng konting tyaga. ^^

  2. Aeme says:

    Hello, I stay in Nigeria and I wanted to know your recommendation for a beginner, do I go with the singer promise or simple singer?

  3. Aeme says:

    And could I plan get the link to your post on the things qe need to have in a sewing starter kit?

  4. Hi Xarin! i want to visit the shop near your residence that specializes in selling old sewing machines. can you respond with the shop’s address? thanks very much!

    • Xarin says:

      Hi! The shop is very small and is in Phase 1, Bagong Silang, North Caloocan. I recommend going to the Manila Pier instead, as there are way more sewing machines there on sale, and the shop here also get their sewing machine parts from the pier.

  1. September 6, 2014

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