Cosplay Tutorial: The Most Redundant Fabric Questions, Answered


A girl who likes art, crafts, and cosplay. She sells handmade items and accessories at her online store, Three Smitten Kittens.

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  1. Erin says:

    I super agree with all that you said here. Hahah I think I am already a suki in Fabric Warehouse and VC Trading—especially in VC Trading. Ever since I started buying cloths, I am always fascinated by the cloth and make sure to look at the reference pictures to know what cloth is being used and what works best for them. At least this is something I am proud of because I acquired this skill. If you’re going into cosplay, you must be very patient and diligent in researching about the fabric of your character 🙂 Great job on this. Plan to do a similar blog post on fabrics in my blog. 🙂

    • Xarin says:

      I often go to Bargain Exchange/Value Point in Robinson’s Novaliches, and kilala na ko ng nagcucut dun ng tela haha xD. Sometimes they have very good prints for lolita too and a bargain pile na P50 lahat for end-cut/slightly stained fabrics. Mabilis din rotation ng fabrics so around every month may bago sila. Still a bit pricier than Divi but less hassle xD There’s also a fabric outlet dito sa may area namin, factory talaga sila ng tela, they even make prints and you can buy from them per kilo.

      I think discovering fabrics and feeling them and trying to find what’s the great match for your costume is really an experience, so I hope more people get hands-on with it instead of inaasa lang asking online. ^^ Thank you too and I look forward to your own post! <3

  2. Erin says:

    Actually, ang maganda pa nga is this: for example, you find out kung anong klaseng tela sya. And then when meron ka na na nasa isip mo and you find out what cloth it is, malalaman mo mahal. If it is not within your budget, you try to find a cheaper alternative pero malapit pa rin sa original. It tests your cloth skills XD Kaya every time I buy new cloths, nililista ko sya sa isang Excel document and how much, where I used them, etc. Kung baga, nakaka enhance ng clothing skills mo. Naghahanap pa nga ako ng clothing stores dito sa amin, kasi ang malapit lang is VC Trading and Fabric Warehouse, Siguro, I have to travel pa hehe

  1. February 9, 2015

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