Last Sunday, my siblings and I went to Fantasy Quest for the first time! I’ve been planning to go to the event since the first time they started the event three years ago. I have seen lots of good photos with great scenery from the cosplayers who have shared their event photos, but as tickets weren’t so accessible then (and on-site ticket selling was not yet confirmed in the first two years) there was slight discouragement to attend on my part. (But that was because I am a lazy girl who don’t want to line up in banks for a bank deposit, and now hurray to online banking.)

fq3The venue is a Fernwood Gardens which is a gorgeous garden / enchanted forest-like venue. Most people wear their fancy ball-gown costumes just for this event, or fantasy themed ones. Here we have ladies from Disney and from (if I’m not mistaken) My Little Pony.

fq2Look at these vintage cars. There are also locations in the site that have the vintage/old world feel.



For this event I decided to go as Tiki from Fire Emblem : Awakening. My brother and I are big Fire Emblem fans and have been following the series for almost ten years now. Awakening is the latest game in the series and I love their character designs and costumes. They’re a whole new level of complex compared to the older games in the series.


I decided to cosplay Tiki frankly because I had a green wig suited for her. -_- Don’t judge me. xD Also because out of all the other green-haired characters (Nowi, Nah) she had a costume that was simple enough for my sewing level. I wanted to see if I can whip out an entire outfit by myself again and keep stepping it up.


The first fabric I got for the cape was too light and flimsy and didn’t flow well. I bought a replacement fabric and made it again–some different variant of bridal satin that was way thicker and less shinier, it looks gorgeous in person, but I found out it looks shiny in photos. ^^

I also made gloves for myself out of red stocking/tights leftovers but meeeh they broke and got a hole RIGHT THAT DAY, don’t you hate it when your costume does that on the event itself? D:


We ran into Ricken the Physically Growth-Stunted Mage! (He’s grown look way taller than me xD) Isn’t it great when you run into other people from the same game/series? <3  Fire Emblem isn’t so popular in my country so it’s a real treat to find people who recognize our characters, even if they’re few. (How did he make his haaat?) :3


My friend Becky (Calysar on DeviantArt, left side of photo) flew in from China just to attend the event! We hope she had fun and I hope to see her again and hang out! Your stay was too short, Becky!

And on the right is my sister Jonah, blogger at Flaring Felicity. She has more photos of cosplayers from Fantasy Quest 3 in her blog! Check out the first batch of photos here.

Also the photo above has the Truth! that my elf ears were being held up by an unsightly orange headband. I take great lengths to edit them out in photos! The ears I made were to heavy to stick onto my ears directly. I plan to improve this in the future.


My unglamorous self with the fabulous Gaby as Harle! It’s so nice to run into her! We originally planned to go to Fantasy Quest as Kid and Serge (my bro will be Serge) and it was almost too sad when we found out she was going as Harle! GAAH MUST FINISH SEWING BRO’S SERGE COSTUME.


Yay I got coscards from Jeyel and Kyo! ELF EARS EVERYWHERE

My boots were also totally DIY from an old beaten up thrift shop boots and red stockings to go over them. They’re not yet character accurate though–gaahh RUSH IS RUSH.

fq5Me and my sister, just about to leave the event. I hear there’s a grand cosplay Ball every night, but unfortunately we couldn’t stay that late.

fq0My bro was there taking all of our photos! We <3 you bro! He was supposed to go as Gaius from the same game as me for this event but as I said… Rush is rush! </3 I didn’t finish it for him in time! D:

And can we take this moment to appreciate my fake cleavage lol. It’s the product of a special bra my mum gave me + a corset / waist trimmer underneath. That bra has like nothing  but padding inside so it’s a push up wonder! I wish I find more like it!

tikisleep1wideOkay tired ktnxbai going to sleep. xD

Lots of love,

kageshoujo / Aki