Most people ask if Hair Chalk, or Soft Pastels/Artist’s Chalk, works on wigs. And yes, it does. I just wanted to answer the question definitely and share some results with everyone.


I think Hair Chalk is a nice way to make blended wigs. I tried putting random colors onto a short blonde wig.

hairchalkwig2Dashes of light pink, and bits of dark brown. I colored some of the strands underneath brown, wanting to give the wig color some depth. The wig is brushed so the color looks soft.

hairchalkwig3The only colors I used here are pink and red, and I styled my wig a bit so it is not messy. This photo is under harsh lighting.

hairchalkwig4Close up.


I am really sad as of this moment, it has been a long night. A client of mine is upset with me, for reasons not entirely my fault, or in a logical sense not even my fault. In a true logical sense even, she is the one who has no right to be upset with me and make angry Facebook statuses and send responses that hurt me.

I value her though, and it’s not worth screwing over. I don’t ever think business or money is worth losing someone over, especially someone that could be your friend. And because of that I have made a decision.

My craft and my business matters a lot to me; it’s my main source of income. True, it’s a part time job as the nature of it depends on the season and how many clients need items, but my other mainstay job is part-time too, so if one doesn’t do well I am greatly affected. In fact, most of my clients who are still in school probably still have more cash in their pockets compared to me. I was not from a well-off family to begin with, and work for minimum wage. Business has taught me a lot though, and has given me a lot of things to be sad and happy about. I have enjoyed it a lot and earned from it, but I still know that there are a lot more things more valuable than a sale.

Friendships, trust, honor–things that money can’t buy. I wish people understand too, that there are things not worth compromising over.