I received a Liza Pavelka Steampunk Texture Sheet Set from my friend in Delaware as a birthday gift, which made me very very very happy. I always wanted to try making some Steampunk-themed items, but unfortunately cogs and such metal findings are not available locally, and if they are they are very expensive. I thought that with this set, I can at least achieve a similar effect but using polymer clay.


This set is smaller than I imagined. The texture sheets inside are roughly 3×4 inches in size.

101_0069Here you can view the designs inside. There’s a nice variance of them.


What I do is push some clay into the innie sheet, and then level it off with a blade or cutter, and then peel off the clay from the texture gently.

I am using Sculpey III here, but for clays even softer than that like Nendo, it’s such a hard job doing this technique because the clay is too sticky.

Some items I made using this texture sheet:


steampunkmedallionI’m still getting used to it and have yet to use the bigger textures. I should probably use clay that holds detail better for these projects and hope I get a better grip on working with the molds and getting a grip on how to make the items look better.

And I got some gold Pearl-Ex too. PearlEx rocks and makes everything look more metallic.

Overall I like the texture sheets from Liza Pavelka. The designs are good looking and clean-up is easy. I hope they came in a bigger size though, but that’s just me! Real cogs and metal findings and watch parts still look the best, but if you want a cheaper alternative this is a great one.

You can order it online at their website here. The items are made are also for sale in my shop, Three Smitten Kittens. Send the page a message if you’re interested.