I WENT TO LAST Saturday’s Ozine Fest in Megamall mainly to meet-up with sweet clients of mine. I mostly go to conventions to check out the merchandise and stuff for sale and shop shop shop, but this time I held back, knowing I was there to pick up a Taobao haul I pre-purchased online though Dolly House Shop. Buut that also didn’t stop me from dropping by my friend Tsuza Art‘s booth to get some prints~ <3


I bought the ultra-cute Vanellope print and Tsuza gave me the Serah bookmark for free! I chose these prints because once upon a time I wanted to cosplay these two but now that I’m old (guuhh) I probably won’t do a good job so I’ll leave it to the tweeners. Also is it a coincidence these two have accessories that are bestsellers in my own shop, Three Smitten Kittens? <3


Prriiiinnttsss. Give Tsuza Art some love when you see her booth in conventions!

I ALSO DROPPED BY Dolly House’s booth to pick up the fabrics I ordered from Taobao. Dolly House opened it’s Taobao buying service last month and I am happy to be part of the first batch. I went back and forth between thinking of what items to get. At first I meant to buy some stockings for reselling, but was advised against it by my peers. Instead I decided on getting sweet lolita fabrics, thinking I would make them into accessories instead.


I mean how could you go wrong with these cute designs OMG ultra cute.

If you wonder how you can order such things from Taobao from the Philippines and such, I’ll make a post later about my Taobao shopping experience through the DHS Taobao Shopping Service! I’m gonna spoil everyone now by saying I love it, but more deets later!



I WENT TO Ozine Fest as Kid from Chrono Cross. In my heart, Kid has always been my fave Chrono Cross character, despite not playing the prequel Chrono Trigger and other spin-offs/sequels. Her personality was always fun, and her speech is just hilarious. She’s one that seems tough on the exterior but has a big and strong heart in the inside. I played this game when I was in 5th grade. It was a gift from a classmate for my birthday.


The entire costume was made by me–shirt, the wrap skirt, and the accessories. The necklace was a rush job so the color was uneven, I plan to fix it later. The gloves should be brown. I made a knife prop, but it’s that–a prop. I can’t pull it off from the sheath because it’s not functional–it’s just one piece. So sorry for everyone who wanted me to do an action pose, I felt rather disappointed that I couldn’t do it for you all. Didn’t spend time thinking of poses since I was rushing then entire costume and accessories.

It really hit me now and scares me now how much people (most especially photogs) demand of you as a cosplayer. Do this pose or that or they want more. I know I should have prepared more, but it’s my first time being treated like that. I mostly go around cons and am used to posing for/with congoers who just want to bring home memories, or have a pic with their favorite character. I’m not used to people who want to take a variety of great shots and like, build a good rep or portfolio through it/me.

Also someone was asking me to do certain poses like lean down or such and I’m like “R U MAD BRO you wanna see my boobiez NO”

Admittedly I’m a hobbyist cosplayer and more of an artisan/craftsperson. I am more involved in the creation of the costume and accessories instead of posing and the actual roleplaying OTL. This is why I don’t attend to many cons in costume. I’ll practice more next time. Also Jose my bro will be Serge in the future so YAY we can finally pose together

Also must somehow acquire white face paint for her white battle face make-up. And Chrono Cross doesn’t really give you too many poses to think of okay Imma stop blaming the game I love


Me at Gelatissimo, in SM Megamall. If you like me I urge you all to go to this store and buy a cup of gelato and say hi for Aki. These guys always let me change and do makeup and shiz at their store and they hold onto my bags as well during conventions. And yeah I used to work with these guys (real work lulz) so that’s probably why. They’re all awesome people! I miss making coffee.

Oh and don’t worry, I’m fully covered up. I’m wearing stockings and have red tight shorts inside. On a note, the red shorts was the only purchase I made for this costume. The costume is sewed entirely from scrap materials in our house. If it looks decent, your eyes fool you~ The stitches aren’t so nice but they magically photograph well. Also like how the red fabric photographs! It’s a red t-shirt fabric. This costume was sewn from an oversized t-shirt.


My bro was with me the whole time supporting me and carrying my valuables. I made my Kid costume first but we’ll make and finish his Serge costume next. He’s a great bro and we love each other it should be called bromance and my sister always asks me (since she saw my other private pics with only my bro as the photgrapher) why I can think up more poses when the bro is taking pics of me privately but go blank during actual cons. I’m comfy with him of course and am not scared to be silly and try out things and even if he captures pics of me with my bra showing I’m sure he won’t spread it to the internetz.

All my love!