In today’s quick and easy blog post, I’m here to quickly run everyone down making fabric hair candies! They’re perfect for Sweet lolita, and make a unique hair accessory too outside of Lolita. The best part is they’re fairly easy to make!


First, I take a square of cute fabric. This one’s a leftover from my Taobao haul, but any fabric will do well! Personally the prints won’t be seen much because you will turn it into a candy, so you may opt for a simpler fabric. This was just a scrap I had on hand.

Most tutorials will tell you to fill the insides with a ball of microfiber/microfill, but what I had on-hand is a ball of lightweight paper clay that has already been sitting in my cabinet for ages. (I used them previously to fill in the insides of my Chrono Cross Kid necklace) Use whatever you have, as long as it’s lightweight enough.

hcandy1I just quickly sewed the edges of the fabric with my machine. I only had black for the thread, but pick a color that really closely matches your fabric. If you don’t have one I suppose it’s okay, since we can cover up the threads after with some decorating anyway!

hcandy2Then I roll the fabric around the paperclay ball, and secure it in with hair elastics. Most tutorials will tell you to sew this part, but I had these elastics on-hand and thought they’d be perfect, and way more convenient. (and besides too lazy to handstitch haha.

You’re pretty much already done! Most hair candies for Lolita are just plan and simple. You can use laces and ribbons to hide the elastics, and that’s pretty much it for most hair candies. I decided to pimp mine out even more though:

hcandy3Pimped out! I added some extra clay pieces I wasn’t using by hot-gluing them on. Also you can now attach your fabric hair candy to an alligator clip or whatever clip base you have with some hot glue! (and yes I wanted to show everyone my strawberry nails in this photo haha)

There it is! Quick and easy. Hope this helps!

– kageshoujo / Aki