Quick and Easy (and cheap too xD) time this week! Today we deal with something every costumer or cosplayer had probably thought of – fabric painting. Sometimes characters wear clothes with specific patterns that can’t be readily found in fabric stores. I’m going to run everyone very quickly to a technique I use–making and using stencils for fabric painting. ^^

yuffie-collageYuffie was my first ever cosplay way back 2010. So very sorry for the blurry photos, our cameras were a no-go back then. xD She has very specific floral patterns on her shirt that I did using this technique.

You’ll need some paper, cutters, a pen, a brush, and your acrylic or fabric paint. That and your reference photo. And that’s really all you need. ^^


I had to make a zig-zag pattern in white against black fabric for a ribbon commissioned from me a while back. I started out by drawing the zigzag on a small piece of paper, and then cutting it all off with a very sharp cutter. It’s easier to craft when you always have sharp replacement blades for your cutters! They cost as low as 10PHP for ten pieces anyway. xD

I used paper here coz its what I had on-hand, but I highly recommend using acetate sheets (OHP Film sheets, the sort you use on projectors) since paper will wrinkle up when you dab the paint over it repeatedly.

Stenciling is really helpful especially if you’re making something with repeat-patterns. It really helps make sure all the patterns are similar and even as compared to freehand painting.

fabricpaint2I lay the paper-stencil over the fabric, and place a sheet of paper underneath so it doesn’t stain my work surface. I’m using white acrylic here. I tried using the gesso on fabric to test it out and also tested fabric paint, but find that pure acrylic works the best. ^^ If your fabric is of a shiny silky texture though, acrylics or even painting in general may not work well with it.

I put a heavy tape dispenser over the stencil to make sure it doesn’t move around.

fabricpaint3Aaaand that’s it. ^^ Here is it painted. The pattern had white dots as well which I just freehand-painted on.

fabricpaint4Here is what it all looks like on the semi-finished bow. ^^And that’s all there is to how I paint patterns and whatnot on fabric and my costumes!

Hope this helped! Also, watch out for our new blog look and StoreEnvy shop opening soon! ^^

Aki / kageshoujo