It’s Quick and Simple time–and this time, Cheap too! We’re making a Prop sword for your cosplays (or school project needs) that’s made of cheap, recycled materials that you might already all have at home!

First, I suggest you check on this tutorial by Crimson Shirou (click here for link!) as this step-by-step of my own was inspired by his. The tutorial from Crimson Shirou will result in a sturdier, more durable sword, while mine below uses more economical and easy-to-acquire materials (especially if you live in the Philippines).

sword thingy

Here’s a quick photo overview of what’s going to be done. This is my first time making it myself, so apologies if you find the quality lackluster. But it was so much easier to make than I’d imagined sooo I wanted to share all of it with you guys. ^^


Craft foam (can buy at National Bookstore / SM Dept. Store for 60-120PHP/pack )

Corrugated board / scrap carton from carton boxes

Air Dry Clay and Mod Podge for sealing it (you can make Cold Porcelain Clay at home using cornstarch + glue + oil if you don’t want to buy ADC) (optional)

Contact Adhesive (PHP60 at Ace Hardware/hardware supplies) (SUPER IMPORTANT~! Nothing else will work!)

Plastic File Folder (PHP7.50 at National Bookstore)

Silver Spraypaint (P100-ish at hardwares and bookstores)

Acrylics if you need to paint / weather the sword

That’s it~! Let’s start!


I craft the hilt part first, getting the general shape of it using craft foam + corrugated board.

sword2Spray painting Silver. SPRAYPAINT IN AN OUTDOOR WELL VENTILATED AREA! This thing smells terrible!

sword3I wrap Cold Porcelain Clay around the craft foam likeness of the handle so it looks smooth and all, and then set it aside to dry. (Drying this usually takes a day). The shape of the handle of the sword I’m trying to copy has a body that “slims down” like it has a waist part (that was confusing) but if the shape of yours is pretty straight then you can skip this.


And then when it’s dry, I paint it as to the likeness of the design I’m copying and then seal with some Mod Podge. But since waiting for the clay to dry took a while, in reality what I did was move onto the blade next.

sword4We’re using this clear plastic file folder thingy and some carton / board. Cut out the shape of your sword from the carton.

sword5Fold your plastic folder lengthwise to get the “middle” raised part of the blade, and then fold it around the carton base so the edges of the base register on it. Fold everything neatly and then put contact adhesive on both the plastic, and the carton. Wait for it to get tacky and then stick them together.

sword6You should get something like this. I also cut a strip of the carton and put it like so in the middle so it supports the raise part of the blade.

(You should leave some space at the top where the blade connects to the hilt, unlike in this photo, so when you insert the handle inside there’s space for it.)

Do both sides of the blade. And now we go outdoors and spraypaint.

sword7Your blade should look like this. Try not to use tape and such materials to stick the plastic folder to each other as they’ll be unsightly, but if you’re weathering it like I am, it’s not much of an issue as it can ┬ábe covered.

You can opt to not weather it for a more “brand new sword” look. If so, just stick the hilt part and handle to the blade using contact adhesive again.

sword10However you may want to weather it with some black acrylics and a rag, like I do. I just randomly dabbed black acrylic, spread it around with a brush, and then wiped the excess with a rag.

sword11Voila! Your cheap but decent-looking prop sword~

As a note for this sword, it is incredibly lightweight. That’s both a pro and con. You don’t tire carrying a heavy weapon around conventions. But since it’s not reinforced with pipes or metal inside, there’s a higher chance that if someone runs into it or tries to hit someone hard with it, it will be damaged, most likely around the part where the hilt/blade are connected. If you wish to reinforce it with le tubo (PVC pipe) inside, that would make it stronger, although that requires more work and funds to make.

Hope that helps~

Aki / kageshoujo