It’s been a while since I posted! Thanks to everyone, the shop, Three Smitten Kittens, is as busy as a bee. We’ve also opened our Etsy store and the sales are doing nice so far, so all my thanks to everyone! But now I’ve decided to take a short break for crafting to share this absolutely quick, absolutely simple tutorial for Lolita bows.


Maybe you need it to complete your lolita ensemble, maybe you just want to practice your sewing, or maybe you have some fabric leftovers that are ultra cute! I posted about my Lolita fabrics Taobao haul a while back, and I knew I wanted to try my hand making bows with them! This process I’ll show you is what I learned over the course of making bows for myself and my shop.

You’ll only need fabric, thread, your sewing machine, and some laces and shinies to accessorize! You may also want a plain acrylic headband if you want to put your bow on one, or a ponytail, or an alligator clip.

bowtutFirst you’ll need a rectangle of cute fabric. This is a leftover from a skirt I made.

bowtut4Fold it in half, and fold in the jagged edges and secure the folds with pins. Also, you may want to put some padding in, be it some flannel fabric, or the adhesive things that you iron-on to the fabric to make them stiffer (I used some of that).

bowtut5Grab another rectangle, now a bit smaller than the first, and then repeat the steps.

bowtut3After that, I plan on where I want to put the laces. I pin and position them, and then run everything through the sewing machine. You’re almost done!

bowtut2Then after that you just sew a thin strip of scrap fabric, and then position and pinch your two rectangles together, and then secure the middle with the strip, and then sew again. You now have a cute bow!


You can vary the way you position the two rectangles on top of one and another to achieve different looks. You can have them directly one on top of the other (like the blue bow in this photo) or have the smaller bow higher so the bigger rectangle looks like the bows “tails”. Decorate them with cabochons and pins, or put pearls and face rhinestones on them!

Hope this helps! I might sell these bows locally at the shop, or add them to the giveaway pile!

– Aki / kageshoujo