So last month, I attended my first con of the year–Cosplay Carnival, a new event held by , catered more to newcomers in the cosplay scene. Since I anticipated that I would be going alone, I prepared a simple costume for the event–which is Makise, from Steins;Gate. I haven’t actually seen the whole series yet, but my brother is such a massive fan and wanted us to pair up and cosplay the main protagonists from the series. I gave it a go because she’s wearing plenty of simple clothes that can be bought off the store shelves. I only¬†edited existing clothes I had or bought, sewing in blue bias tape onto the collar, adding on a patch pocket and the likes.

My brother was unable to go with me, but I look forward to having him with me as Okabe soooon!

 photo 12728952_10208074369558924_2019842026132121002_n_zpsbacyxqdj.jpgPhoto by Kevin Vincent.

 photo 12764732_10208074370238941_737506730718812559_o_zpsxyznktvp.jpgPhoto by Weeaboo with a Camera.

 photo 12821380_998282510252383_7939893780323576525_n_zpscwzntelm.jpgPhoto by Mavshutter Photography.

 photo 12615191_10208074416400095_8256509959767264881_o_zpshhgb02zp.jpgPhoto by Weeaboo with a Camera.

Anyway, this is definitely just a self-gratuitous filler post! I honestly doubt anyone here comes to look at my face lol But do stay tuned, next week I’ve got new craft and cosplay posts and reviews once more!