Tutorial: Antlers made with Clay


A girl who likes art, crafts, and cosplay. She sells handmade items and accessories at her online store, Three Smitten Kittens.

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4 Responses

  1. Kaniki says:

    hey! I was just wondering how you attached them to the headband. Like, did you just put a blob of glue and press down? Wouldn’t that leave it kinda flimsy?

    • kageshoujo says:

      Hey there~! I used hot glue and a glue gun to stick them onto the headband. Yes, they’re kinda delicate because of their length, but since the antlers are foam and part hollow inside, they were rather lightweight in my case, so they didn’t droop down and the headband had no problem holding their weight.

  2. Airol Evita says:


    That is a beautiful piece. Like in a fairy tale 🙂 .. I would like to ask about the air dry and polymer clay. In your opinion which one is more suitable to use for accessories and which one is more convenient? I haven’t tried any of them and your opinion would help me a lot to start my clay accessories biz…

    Thank you so much and Wish you all the best!

    • Xarin says:

      Hi there! Thanks for your nice words!

      As for choice of clay, it depends on what items you’d like to focus on making. I make an assortment of things so I have all sorts in stock, but polymer clay is my preference, kasi once it’s baked it’s extremely durable and lasts practically forever. Air dry clay is sensitive to moisture. You can use it for jewelry like rings or hair pieces (like this one) but it’s not recommended for something that will have contact with sweat and moisture (necklaces, etc). I know a lot of air dry clay jewelry artists, and they mostly make things that won’t get in contact with the skin (keychains, phone cases, etc). Air dry clay is just a whole lot cheaper than polymer clay, and you only need one color!

      My advice is to try experiment with both first to see what suits you! You can make your own homemade air dry clay, just google “cold porcelain clay recipe”, and you can also buy single bars of polymer clay to try them first.

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