Hey everyone! Here on my next tutorial, I’m gonna share how I made the last antlers commissioned from my shop, Three Smitten Kittens. Antlers are perfect for certain characters, for Halloween, or if you wanna dress up in Mori forest-girl fashion. Pair it up with a floral crown and it’s peeerrrfect.



The finished product as worn by my client, Ms. Ady. Credits to the photograper.

This tutorial will be using Cold Porcelain Clay. Cold Porcelain Clay (CPC) is an air-dry clay that you can easily make at home using cornstarch, PVA glue, and a few drops of oil. For the recipe, I recommend everyone to check Pufftique’s blog (link here). Her blog uses the microwave, but you can also cook this up using a pan and a stovetop (just use a cheap pan that you don’t use anymore, or buy the cheap ones from Saizen/Daiso/Japan 88 Center).


First off, I make a form of the antlers using craft foam, rolling it into a log and bending and curving it, setting the curves in place with masking tape/paper tape. Don’t cut back on the tape! There isn’t a lot in this photo as it was taken a earlier but using more tape will really help keep the form.

antlers2Next, roll out and press out thin layers of your CPC and now mold it around your craft foam base. For better measure and for better sealing, I also brush on PVA glue or Mod Podge over the craft foam before I wrap the CPC around it. We want to make sure the foam base doesn’t unravel (that’s what the glue and securing it all with masking tape is for).

Now it’s just a matter of setting it do dry. CPC doesn’t dry in hours; I recommend a full day before touching it again. Oh, don’t forget to make another piece too so you have a pair! (Unless for some reason you only need one?)

antlers3I made two pairs. CPC dries fairly transparent, so when it’s fully dry the foam inside would have to be sort of seen right under. Now is the time to paint the antlers. I recommend acrylics.

After you paint, let them dry, and seal everything with a sealant. I used Mod Podge. Then you can attach it to a headband using hot glue. 

469244_200528676764812_1972721501_o (1)Here’s the finished product! The paint isn’t too polished here and the details are lost in the big shot, but you should get the gist! Wouldn’t a floral crown totally look pretty along with it? My warnings with CPC are only that you should keep in  mind that it is water-resist to an extent, it’s not waterproof. Keep this away from rain or moisture. Store in a dry place.

Hope this helps! Comment down, or message us on Facebook if you have inquiries or requests for commissions~! Don’t forget to check my Etsy shop too for cosplay accessories.

-kageshoujo / Aki