As some of my peers know I am ultra fond of picking up wigs on the cheap and then doing my best to rescue them with some washing and brushing. Most the wigs I’ve picked up though are of nice quality despite their extra low prices. But today my challenge came in the form of a wig that was not just shiny–it was sparse too. D: You can see the wig netting at the back, even, which is a big disappoint and turn-off to any spectator if you’re a cosplayer.

541440_10200689566543464_649169416_nThis blonde short base wig I used for my Kid cosplay only cost me PHP15o (4USD), and it was neither shiny nor sparse. I hair-chalked some dark brown steaks in it to make it more brown-blonde and give it more depth. I wish I could buy some more of these wigs from the shop I got them from, but they’ve all been sold out. If they stock these again I’m going to buy aaaaaallll of them, I swear! One or more of each color!

Buuuut today, we’re dealing a with a wig that’s also cheap, but SHINY AND SPARSE.


It’s shiny AND sparse, although this photo is already with it extra fibers sewn into it so it now appears thicker, but believe me it was worse before this photo was taken. On the right side you can see the tools I used to remedy the sparseness issue.

To remedy the sparseness of the wig strands, I took apart some clip-on extensions in the same color and sewed the wefts into the wig.

These are the babies you are looking for. I happened to have a pair in the same color as my pink party wig.

synth2I cut the metal hairclips from the extension, careful not to damage how the sewing on top. If you accidentally cut off the sewing the strands will fall off, which nobody wants. (So Shiny, huh.)

synth3I look for the area of the wig where the strands are most lacking (this is usually at the back) and then pin back the strands to reveal the net and sew the clip-on weft from there.

You may need more than 1 clip-on for one thin party wig. Once the spareness is remedied to your liking, we can go to de-shining the wig~!


This is the wig, de-shined~! To take out the shine I just soak it in fabric conditioner (the longer the better) and then rinse it. I found that patting talc onto it while it’s wet is ideal instead of waiting for it to dry before putting on talc. This way I found the talc doesn’t just “slide off” as easily.

synth5Here is the wig with flash , and also illustrates the “before and after” in one photo. In de-shining, I usually neglect to fix the “inner” parts of the wig, the one that won’t be seen when you wear it anyway :p ~ So the inner parts are still shiny while the visible parts are considerably de-shined.

This is also the wig I used for my Fire Emblem: Neimi look.

Hope this post helps~

Kageshoujo / Aki