Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Three Smitten Kittens?

Three Smitten Kittens (3SK) is where passion for cosplay and polymer artisan crafts merge together. We are an online business based in the Philippines, specifically made for your cosplay accessory requests. These would be earrings, special hairclips, character necklaces, brooches.

However, we are not limited to cosplay accessories, and accept commissions for all sorts of personal accessories too.

You may read more about 3SK on our blog, where we’ll share shop experiences, artisan tutorials, and cosplay photos.

You may visit the shop here, or contact us for inquiries.

Who owns and runs the shop Three Smitten Kittens?

The shop is founded and run by Jakilyn. She is a cosplayer from the Philippines, and she writes posts for the blog, creates tutorials, and crafts the products in the shop. She is also occasionally joined by her brother, Jose, who has designed the current website and the branding for Three Smitten Kittens.

Where can I buy items from you?

You may browse through our shop here for items you may be interested in. If you want something that’s not in our catalogue, you may contact us for a specific commission.

I would like an item made that is not listed in your shop. How much would it be and how do I contact you?

You may send me an email, fill up the contact form, or send a message on our Facebook page.

Simply let us know the following information:

  • What item you wish to be created
  • The date you would need the item
  • Your budget (if applicable)

We’ll respond to you as soon as we can regarding the information you have sent. Our cosplay accessories are primarily made out of polymer clay. We currently do not accept commissions for items such as swords, weapons and costumes.

Do you ship to (insert country)?

We ship to anywhere in the world that couriers can reach, provided that client shoulders the shipping cost. We always use shipping with electronic tracking to ensure the safety of the items.

Where are you based? Do you have a physical store?

Three Smitten Kittens is based in the Philippines. We are currently an online shop and do not have a physical store yet. For more information, you may contact us.

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