Three Smitten Kittens


Country Style and J.Co Donuts Review!

I loooove donuts. <3 Who doesn’t? I wish I could have one on a daily basis. They’re colorful, pretty, delicious, and have an assortment of flavors, textures, and aromas. Walking into a donut store making freshly baked donuts is always a treat for the nose, and the eyes...


Review: 4U2 Gemstone Eyeshadow Quad in Ruby

For my Lili cosplay a while back, I decided to buy an eyeshadow quad that captures Lili’s pink-themed eyeshadow. What I picked up was 4U2’s Gemstone Eyeshadow Quad, in Ruby, thankfully at 50% off sale that day~! I said I would make a review of it but delayed,...


Grand Bazaar Make-up Haul

I went to the Grand Bazaar last 29th and brought home a make-up haul. (I really have no need for clothes since I have boxes in here from my dad). Here’s some of the stuff I picked out and at great prices, too!


Painting Progress

Here is a collection of snapshots I took during the progress of my last painting. I haven’t been drawing or painting anything in a while and it makes me really sad. I hope posting this gives me inspiration.