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How to Make your own Lolita Beret

Berets are very popular in the lolita fashion scene, and every brand seems to always be releasing a beret to match their current collection. Lolita berets are mostly, from observation, flat and barely serve the purpose of hiding or storing hair (unlike medieval/Tudor berets) and serve a mostly...


This New Year: Dare to Dress up Kawaii

IN 2014, I started dressing up in J-fashion inspired clothing. I wore it to events, wore it to go out shopping, wore it walking down the streets, along my neighborhood, in the wet market, riding a bus, riding a jeep, just to do groceries… I dressed up when...


Doll for a Day! The Dolldelight Lolita Experience

(Photo Credit: Jumpshot Photography) One of the best, most memorable experiences in my 2014 is that I got the chance to model for internationally-known lolita brand, dolldelight, even for one day! Dolldelight, owned and ran by Filipino-American designer Cyril Lumboy, has been a brand that I looked up...