Three Smitten Kittens


How Cosplayers look Better in Photos

“Why don’t you look like your photos? Why does she look so good in photos but when I met her in person she looked so bad?” “Why do photographers edit the photos so much the people don’t even look like how they do in person anymore?” “There’s so...


Pink x Mint Macaron

Shameless OOTD / lolita coord time! These are actual photos I shot a month ago with my brother Joey, and the title says its all about pink matched with mint macarons! I actually wore the pink coord when I went to last June’s Toycon, but I got the...


Get Dolled Up! SM’s Doll Glam Event Recap

Hello everyone! Today I’ll be posting my recap of SM’s Doll Glam event held two weeks ago, which was a fun gathering of gals of all ages and walks that are interested in Japanese-inspired “doll” fashion. I really wanted to go to this event right when I heard...