Tutorial: Ace Attorney Badge

Tutorial: Ace Attorney Badge

This is the delayed accompaniment post to our Ace Attorney Defense Badge tutorial! The Attorney Badge will complete any Ace Attorney cosplay, if you’re going as Phoenix, Mia, Apollo, or Athena. This tutorial uses polymer clay.

 photo materials_zpsixgl2i8n.jpgMATERIALS:

  • A circle template. If you don’t have a store-bought one, you draw circles using a compass on paper, and cut that out, to use as your template. Make your circle depending on how big you want your badge to be.
  • Gold polymer clay. We paint our badge after its baked so if you intend to do the same, color hardly matters.
  • Craft knife
  • Rubber shaping tools. Optional, but really help.
  • A pointed item, like a toothpick
  • Fade-proof, waterproof ink pen.
  • Brooch pins.
  • Paint or pigment of your choice. I will be using gold metallic spraypaint.

 photo 1_zpsmcsktswv.pngCondition and flatten your clay into an even sheet. Then cut out two disks of the size you want.

 photo 2_zpss2o6cnye.pngOn the second disk, cut out another circle in the center of it. You won’t be using that circle. Layer this “circle-with-a-circle-cut-out” on top of the first disk. You can make the edges smoother and more rounded using a rubber tool, or your fingernails.

 photo 5_zpspqavpd51.pngThe disk with the cut out will become the raised border around the badge. Using a toothpick, mark out the lines that will be the divisions in the border.

 photo 6_zps4jsyjlhg.pngStill using the toothpick, push these lines into the center of the disk, and drag it out was well toward the edges.

 photo 7_zpsbwn6fjmj.pngYou want it to look seamless to the first disk and not just something put on top.

Bake according to your clay’s instructions. After it has been cooled, I also spray it with some gold paint.

 photo 10_zps3yt9fpuo.pngAfterwards, I take my fade-proof, water-proof pen and manually draw the Libra scale in the middle of the badge. Practice first and use a good reference! I messed up mine a bit. xD

After that, it’s just a matter of waiting for the ink to dry and then sealing it in, and then attaching the brooch pins to the back.
 photo IMG_2978_zpslzqldybq.jpgYou now have a cute Defense Attorney badge! For those who prefer seeing things in motion, our video tutorial is also below. Please subscribe if you’d like to get updated on tutorials of cosplay or cute items!

You may also buy a badge from our Etsy shop here.

Thanks and have a great day! Happy crafting!

Polymer Clay Marshmallow Tutorial

Polymer Clay Marshmallow Tutorial

Hi guys! Today’s tutorial is a very easy and quick tut on how to make polymer clay marshmallows. These are very easy, and can be made in big batches for those who are looking to mass-produce these cute fluffy sweets! For the first time, our tutorial also comes with a video accompaniment, courtesy of our brand new Youtube Channel!! *w*

Let’s start on the tutorial! It’s very straightforward and easy to follow.

 photo COLLAGE_zpsvato1mbs.jpgFirstly, the materials. You’ll need your polymer clay–we recommend at least three pastel colors that are commonly seen in marshmallow twists–white, pastel pink, baby blue, pastel mint, etc. And all you need aside from that is a cutting blade. (top left photo)

Next, you should take each individual color of clay, and roll it into one long log. One log for each color! Try to make them as uniform and even with each other as possible. )top right photo)

Then you place the tips of these logs next to each other, and from then on start a twisting motion. It’s pretty much instinct and hard to put to words, but you’ll definitely get a feel for it when you’re actually doing it. You can also check out our video to get a good visual on how it’s done!

And there it is! All that’s left is to trim the ends, but into size, and bake according to your clay’s instructions. You may add some gloss to make it shiny too if you like!

 photo fin_02_zpszdf56qqu.pngYou can use them to make earrings, split them in half to make hairpins… be creative and think of whatever you want to do with them. ^^

You may also view the tutorial video if you’re more into visual examples and not written ones! Please follow our channel, we’ll be uploading tutorials weekly. ^^ Have fun and happy crafting!

Flexi 3 Polymer Clay Review

Flexi 3 Polymer Clay Review

Today I’ll be giving a quick review on Flexi 3 Polymer Clay. I started using this clay around August of 2014 when I picked some up at Kawaii in Manila 3, they had a booth there selling some of the clay and a workshop about claying too.

 photo flexi_2_zps332a86e2.jpgAs the instructions states, this is an oven bake clay that bakes at 135C, and is non-toxic.

As the sticker claims, I find it easy to condition and knead, which is perfect for my not-so-big-and-strong-hands. It’s not the softest clay in the market, but no one will have a hard time kneading this clay. There is also no odor and for a flexible clay, it is not sticky. (other “flexible” clays tend to be sticky and soft)

 photo flexi_3_zps020e9a35.jpgMarshmallows made with Flexi 3 Clay. The clay bakes with a slight satin sheen–it does not bake matte. If you can observe from this photo and the following ones, the light is reflected on their surface, indicating a slight shine on their surface. This is without the use of glosses or varnishes.

The colors also stay true to their original color and do not change after the baking process.

Their white clay is my favorite because it tends to retain its whiteness easier compared to other brands that pick up dirt very easily.

 photo flexi_4_zps312e4bea.jpgFor a flexibility test, I made this small twizzler. Again if you look at it, its surface reflects the light, indicating that the clay bakes with a slight shine on the surface.

 photo flexi_5_zps1719ce44.jpgThe twizzler/licorice cord can be bent without causing damage or breakage to the piece, so it’s true to it’s “flexible” claim. :3

 photo flexi_1_zpsff65cf43.jpgThis is currently one of my favorite clays and I would recommend it to any beginner. It is also easily available locally! You may contact the Glitz of Joy store on their facebook page for available colors and for the price of each bar.

Hope this helps! Tell me your own opinions if you’ve already tried out this clay!




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Where I Buy Jewelry Supplies and Metal Findings: Wellmanson Quiapo

Where I Buy Jewelry Supplies and Metal Findings: Wellmanson Quiapo

A VERY FREQUENT QUESTION I get asked in this blog is where I buy my tools, supplies, and metal findings. If you’ve asked me that, I’ve probably responded that I buy a chunk of my stuff from Wellmanson in Quiapo. It’s about time I did a focus article on Wellmanson!

If you read around the interwebs from local jewelry/accessory crafters in the Philippines, you may see Wellmanson mentioned time and again. A lot of people consider it a “hidden gem” in Manila for fashion accessory lovers and DIY junkies. What exactly is the hype about? It’s that Wellmanson Quiapo has everything you need to DIY—eyepins, tools, pliers, needles, ribbons, charms, studs, glitter, chains, thread, scrapbooking materials, ALMOST EVERYTHING–and they also boast a massive collection of ready-made fashion accessories (rings, necklaces, headbands, hair accessories, bangles, hair extensions, hats, scarves, belts), gift items for kids (toys, dolls, fake gundam build kits lol) and for adults (they even have home appliances, storage solutions, pet supplies, and food). The best part is it’s all organized, clean, in an air-conditioned and well-lit space, with capable uniformed staff that know what they’re selling. And the store is HUGE and I mean HUGE. You can easily spend hours browsing the stuff.

So where exactly is Wellmanson located?
 photo map_zps4412f880.jpgFrom Quiapo Church and Plaza Miranda, it’s easy to locate the store. It’s in a street behind/beside the massive Mercury Drug building.

The street along where Wellmanson is located is also filled with DIY craft/jewelry supply stores! You may also want to browse around. Those stores have their own unique finds as well and some are cheaper than Wellmanson, but I don’t go to them for a mainly two reasons:

  1. Their staff is not uniformed and many have no idea about what you’re looking for.
  2. The items are not well organized and many have no price tags and labels.

These are my two pet peeves when shopping, so I avoid stores that present me with these. But if you’re game and don’t mind them, browse and have fun!
 photo wellsman_2_zpsaf756359.jpgWhen you enter that street, you can easily see the signboard for Wellmanson.
 photo wellsman_3_zpsebe4614d.jpgThe entrance may be hidden in view by the fruit/vegetable stalls, so just look for it. Don’t let the surrounding wet market-vibe fool you–Wellmanson looks totally upclass and organized inside.

 photo wellsman_1_zpsba56c19c.jpgNow on this day I was supposed to take photos inside, but the place was packed so it was not ideal. There were a group of nuns buying things for their DIY hobbies/businesses, apart from the usual mix during their Christmas shopping. So please content yourself with these old (photoshopped)  photos my mum took of me from Wellmanson (pls pardon my face). This is at their low-grade/cheap beads section. xD they have three or four more long aisles with just beads so if you’re a fan of them you could be stuck here for ages. xD And they’re all organized so well.

 photo wellsman_4_zpsbce2cfc8.jpgI usually buy boxes there, my metal findings, and other craft stuff. But they also have things like bra straps and underwear at good prices, among sketchpads and other items you wouldn’t expect to find. They also have display racks for jewelries and accessories if you want to put up a booth for your handmade items in a bazaar.

Here are some parting tips from me:

  • Do come with a shopping list so you don’t forget vital things you need to buy.
  • A lot of resellers come to Wellmanson to shop. You may find cheaper prices here for things you would ordinarily buy online.
  • Don’t go to Quiapo during the first Friday of the month to avoid the traffic from churchgoers.
  • Wellmanson is open Monday-Sunday from 10AM to 7PM.
  • In the same street is a Michaela leather goods store, and on occasion they hold 70% off sales on their shoes.
  • Don’t buy fabric and thread from the nearby fabric stores; they are overpriced.
  • While I’ve never been mugged in Quiapo, it is still a very crowded marketplace so be wary of your surroundings and don’t wear flashy jewelry.

That’s all and have fun shopping!


Craft Supplies and Stationery from Bee Happy Shop!

Craft Supplies and Stationery from Bee Happy Shop!

This is a much-delayed post sharing my experience with Bee Happy Crafts! Bee Happy Crafts is an online craft store, which also has a physical store, that I discovered sometime long ago and kept in mind due to their wide and cheap selection of rhinestones. They launched their webstore a few months back, and I couldn’t help but grab some items!

**This post is not sponsored and contains all my honest opinion**

 photo beehappy33_zps4b8ddc0b.png
 photo beehappy36_zps03282fa1.png
 photo beehappy35_zps32c7a871.png
 photo beehappy34_zpsbc9e4c62.png

I always kept this shop in mind since apart from rhinestones, they also have rarer metal findings like an assortment of eyelets and latches. A big bonus is that they also have a wide assortment of postcards and stationery items! I’ve started sending out postcards as mini-gifts to friend this year, and it’s a tradition i’d like to keep. They also have things like scrapbooking materials, art materials, paper mache and decoupage items, etc.

 photo beehappy1_zps8cd65b7a.jpg

I ordered a few things and got my items bubble-wrapped inside a small letter pouch and shipped through LRC.

 photo beehappy5_zps932bfdc7.jpg


I grabbed the last stock of Choo Choo Cat bookmarks (love those cats!), a postcard set, and some eyelets and very small baby blue rhinestones.

 photo beehappy3_zps6d342ff5.jpg


Postcard writing (or letter-writing in general) is a vanishing art that would be great to restore. I have a couple of friends overseas and sending them postcards is a cheap, more personal way to get in touch. This is also great for handing out to friends IRL, and the photo/art in the front makes them a keeper. This set has food items as their theme.

 photo beehappy4_zps4f4f0bb7.jpg


I can never get enough of cats, most especially Choo Choo Cats! This set was P80 for the ENTIRE SET of THIRTY BOOKMARKS! Great to use as art on the wall, framed in a set, or as giveaways to friends.

 photo beehappy2_zps8ccd5808.jpg


Eyelets and Rhinestones are for my crafting needs. It’s tough to find a store that sells packs of rhinestones at a cheap price, so Bee Happy is heaven-sent in that regard. Eyelets are also pretty rare! These two are more for my cosplay/ craft stuff.

I’m very happy with my haul and the shopping was a quick and convenient process~~!

You can get in touch with Bee Happy through their FB page or their webstore.



Cosplay DIY: Basic Sintra Armor Tutorial

Cosplay DIY: Basic Sintra Armor Tutorial

Hey everybody! To make up for not being able to blog last month, I have a jam-packed list of articles that I have here that I hope to all be able to publish this month. It’s been quite crazy for me recently, and things have been chaotic with the shop. I must admit I ended up depressed a lot of times, and stormy weather doesn’t help any. I am a gal that always prefers sunny days.

 photo sintra_lucina_zps4a09f490.jpg
But personal stuff aside, today I am posting a short DIY armor tutorial for Sintra. I got a commission for minor armor for the character Lucina from Fire Emblem: Awakening (pictured above). I do not often and barely accept commission for armors and weapons, except for good friends and when I actually have materials I can work with. I meant to make the armor with foam x Wonderflex before, but craft foam was sold out in every shop I went to lately. D: Until I saw that Sintra is finally available off store shelves in National Bookstore. Its the preferred material of many cosplayers overseas.

 photo sintra_0_zpsd99a4503.jpgSintra from National Bookstore costs P65 for 1/8 illustration board size, and P135 for 1/4 illustration board size. I buy the smaller ones because they are easier to carry and there’s only a P5 difference. =_=

Before I start with demonstrating how I made the armor for Lucina, here are some basic Sintra tips:

  • Sintra is heat-formable, but dont expect it to expand or flex the way thermoplastics do; if anything else it shrinks and curls up into itself when overheated. When its reached that state it is practically impossible (or possible but extremely tough) to flatten it out again to its original state, so slow-but-sure is the method to heating it up.
  • However, once its heated up, it sets and cools down again almost instantly. Okay, not instantly, but in seconds. We are talking around only less than one minute working time here. Once you heat it and its bendable, you HAVE to set it to the shape you want immediately–or else it’ll cool down and harden on you, and because of problem #1 above we don’t want to heat it too often. If you aren’t used to handling hot material, get some work gloves ready.
  • It can only curve in one direction, and its flexibility isn’t wonderflex/worbla category. Don’t expect to be able to make boob-armor out of it; however its highly recommended for armor that only has to curve in one direction, like arm guards or leg armor.
  • Sintra expands/thickens when heated, so its sturdy on its own and needs no supporting material. It also has a coating which makes it water-resist
  • Unlike wonderflex/worbla though, the scraps aren’t moldable and I can barely come up with an idea how to use them. They are just scraps. =_=
  • I assume you have a heat gun. Its a great investment if you want to work with thermoplastics and prop-making materials. They are easily bought in hardware stores in malls (ACE Hardware, Handyman, True Value) and cost between 1.3k-2k.

 photo sintra_1_zps38906199.jpg
First off, like with anything I do, I start off with a pattern. Because Sintra cannot curve in two directions, I am opting to make the raised part of the armor a separate piece from the bottom part. I’ll show how to make it look like one seamless armor piece later.

For making a pattern, just sit down and imagine how your armor would look like when its laid into a flat sheet. You can also press the pattern paper against your arm/leg/wherever you’re making armor for and draw a rough shape on the paper and then just polish it out.

I then trace the pattern onto the Sintra, and then cut it out. Use sturdy scissors as it can be a bit tough to cut through.

 photo sintra_2_zpsb4fa2060.jpg
Take out your heat gun and for the flat pieces into curved ones. I take it slooowly but surely. I first heat the middle section where the curve is at its highest, curve it there, let it set, and then gently work my way from the middle towards curving the ends.

Remember that it sets almost instantly, so be quick! Use the lower heat setting on your heat gun too, to avoid overheating it.

Once the two pieces–top and bottom are curved--I position them together at an angle and then glue them together with industrial-strength glue, also holding them in place with some clamps so they are able to dry properly while holding the shape.

One thing I like about Sintra lots is that it thick and sturdy on its own–no need to support it with foam unlike worbla or wonderflex.

 photo sintra_3_zpsa93bea6a.jpg
If you notice the parts where I glued the two pieces together is obvious, but the look we are going for is one seamless armor piece. So I fill in the seam with some wall putty.

 photo sintra_4_zps1d17c235.jpg
By this time I also make the raised details on the armor. I used molded wonderflex scraps, and flexible polymer clay for them. If you want to use polymer clay, bake it on its own; do not put the sintra in the oven with it–the sintra WILL collapse in the oven heat.

More putty over wherever I can put putty on, and then sanding.

Sintra in itself doesn’t need to be primed before painting–its already got a great finish for painting, so putty only over the areas you want to smooth out. It’s one other advantage of Sintra–no need for lots of prepping before painting it.

 photo sintra_5_zps74a66278.jpg
Bef0re I spraypaint this spraypaint-primer on it, I use Diamond Glaze over it, concentrating on the gaps and cracks that there may be in the putty. I am lazy like that haha. Diamond Glaze is a 3-Dimensional gloss/adhesive. I use it to glaze my clay creations, but since it dries with a raise/3D effect, its almost perfect for making surfaces smoother and level, and filling in cracks. Diamond Glaze can be bought in special art shops.

Then I spray it all with this grey-colored acrylic primer. I love how this primer is grey; for me it creates a better base for metallics like silver instead of a white primer. My blue spraypaint was also a little to bright for the color I need so a darker primer works great for me.

 photo sintra_6_zpsd2b6b9c2.jpg
Then I just spraypaint with gold and blue spraypaints. You know, cover the parts I don’t want painted on with masking tape so they don’t get the color, spray, rinse and repeat.

I dry brush black acrylic paint onto it afterwards to give it depth, and a more “used” look.

 photo sintra_7_zps2897b7e8.jpg Afterwards I seal it all in and gloss it using more Diamond Glaze. There are also other projects I was working on there on my table, haha.

 photo sintra_8_zps7af7a95e.jpgSo that you’re able to wear it, I sewed these black straps with Velcro, and attached them to the armor using Fabri-Tac and Wonderflex scraps to seal it in place. :3

 photo sintra_9_zpsdb7a1e8e.jpg

Overall, I had a blast using Sintra, and would recommend it for basic armor DIY projects like these for those that want to get crafty. It has lots of pros going for it–its cheap, but lightweight and sturdy. Its practically as thick as an illustration board but its WAAAY much sturdier, and is waterproof even. There is less need to prime it for paintjobs.  There are limitations to what it can do, but for what it CAN do, its an excellent material. I recommend it for basic armguards or leg armor.

Apart from National Bookstore, you can also easily buy these from art shops in Recto or along España. Good luck!

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