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Photoshop Tips for Cosplayers

Quite awhile ago I found a question in the local Cosplay Ask group on Facebook. The question was how you make your skin like the reference posted–totally even skintone, heck, without even the trace of an eyebag or puffiness. I don’t know if it’s even realistic, since it’s...


Cosplay Make-up Tricks Video

Sooo I made a video recently of the usual make-up tricks cosplayers use in their cosplays. It covers stuff from concealing lips to coloring eyebrows to eyelid tape. Nothing too complicated and fancy for beginners. I’m not a pro myself, so I made sure everything here is easy...


The Eyelid Tape Effect

Everyone knows circle lenses and some eye make-up and false lashes make eyes look bigger and more doll-like. One more thing cosplayers are into to create doll-like eyes is eyelid tape. It creates double eyelids for asians who mostly have mono-lids. Having double lids are fun because people...