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How Cosplayers look Better in Photos

“Why don’t you look like your photos? Why does she look so good in photos but when I met her in person she looked so bad?” “Why do photographers edit the photos so much the people don’t even look like how they do in person anymore?” “There’s so...


Frustrating Things Cosplay Con Photographers Do

A photographer wants to take photos with you. Yay! That’s a good thing. It means they share your love for the fandom, or they found your costume impressive. But there are some times that there are habits they do that can leave me feeling frustrated and wishing I...


From a Concerned Female Cosplayer

After the event, Toycon 2011, last June, the Facebook Wall of said event has been flooded with shared pictures from professional to casual photogs alike. But, mostly, you’d find that 50% of those posts with pictures are from boys sharing a particular picture of a female cosplayer, and...