Steins;Gate Makise Kurisu Cosplay Photos

Steins;Gate Makise Kurisu Cosplay Photos

So last month, I attended my first con of the year–Cosplay Carnival, a new event held by , catered more to newcomers in the cosplay scene. Since I anticipated that I would be going alone, I prepared a simple costume for the event–which is Makise, from Steins;Gate. I haven’t actually seen the whole series yet, but my brother is such a massive fan and wanted us to pair up and cosplay the main protagonists from the series. I gave it a go because she’s wearing plenty of simple clothes that can be bought off the store shelves. I only edited existing clothes I had or bought, sewing in blue bias tape onto the collar, adding on a patch pocket and the likes.

My brother was unable to go with me, but I look forward to having him with me as Okabe soooon!

 photo 12728952_10208074369558924_2019842026132121002_n_zpsbacyxqdj.jpgPhoto by Kevin Vincent.

 photo 12764732_10208074370238941_737506730718812559_o_zpsxyznktvp.jpgPhoto by Weeaboo with a Camera.

 photo 12821380_998282510252383_7939893780323576525_n_zpscwzntelm.jpgPhoto by Mavshutter Photography.

 photo 12615191_10208074416400095_8256509959767264881_o_zpshhgb02zp.jpgPhoto by Weeaboo with a Camera.

Anyway, this is definitely just a self-gratuitous filler post! I honestly doubt anyone here comes to look at my face lol But do stay tuned, next week I’ve got new craft and cosplay posts and reviews once more!

Maya Fey: Cosplay Construction Notes

Maya Fey: Cosplay Construction Notes

Hello to another construction note entry from me! This time, I’ll be walking you through how I made my Ace Attorney: Maya Fey costume. It’s actually a pretty easy project to tackle; Maya’s outfit is meant to be loose-fitting, so accuracy in fit is not much of an issue. The colors are basic with no prints, so there’s little need to match up things. You can also complete the cosplay in a matter of a few days, even if you’re an amateur. I hope this entry helps you with making your own Maya costume!

 photo maya_pattern_zpspvyz2jat.pngFirst, let’s start off with the pattern for the kimono top. Before proceeding, I’d like to tell everyone I’m no expert in drafting patterns and took no professional classes; I make things based on instinct and just observing how clothes are made. My way may be technically incorrect, but they work for casual costuming. So that also explains why there won’t be technical sewing jargon here, and why the pattern draft I’m showing is very… raw. xD

I drafted a one-piece pattern that only joins at the shoulders, as opposed to a four-piece pattern. This is kinda more authentic to what she’s really wearing, and let’s face it; seams are unflattering. This pattern joins together at the shoulder seams only.

The whole garment is based off of the widest measurement in your body that the garment will cover. For mine, it’s the hip measurement. If your bust is bigger than your hip, you should be basing this measurement off of your bust instead. The other measurements needed are the whole length of the garment (I had it fall to my mid-thigh) and armhole measurement.

I just basically joined it at the shoulder seams and turned the armhole allowance and sewed it down. For strip down the front of the kimono, I cut out a long rectangle of fabric, folded it in half, and used it to encase the raw edge of the garment.

I added some darts to give it more shape, instead of something that was entirely loose.


 photo maya_0_zpsr7h1gkdn.pngI regret not having photos to show you the process… xD

The purple cardigan/jacket thing on top of it was made with the same base pattern as the kimono, but of course with sleeves, and the front parts were edited so that they don’t overlap each other. I made them slightly less wide, so that the front part doesn’t close all the way, like Maya’s own purple throw jacket thingy.
 photo maya_1_zpsu3qpqj0u.pngThe red sash was one big strip of rectangle that i just tie/knot into place. The red bow that goes with it was a detachable bow that I just pin onto the sash. Because I can’t knot a pretty bow even if I tried, so I thought it’d be more convenient of the bow was detachable.

 photo maya_3_zpskk2ep9qa.pngThe wig was honestly fun to style! Okay it was frustrating at first, but then I figured how to get that neat topknot. You’ll have to use barettes–the ones that have a spring-like thing inside?! Not that ones that you snap shut. This evenly distributes the wig fibers into a wide section, as opposed to just one section if you tie it with an elastic. I used two barettes, and sandwiched the topknot in between those, to get it to stay in place. I used purple polymer clay on the barette fronts, to match the ones Maya is using.

 photo maya_2_zps3aj1h4mh.pngThe round hair orbs are also made from polymer clay. I used Ultralight clay inside (so it doesn’t weight too much), and covered it with Sculpey’s purple, and then punched an hole through the orb with a stick or whatever you have on hand. How do I get it to stay on the wig? First, you have to section the hair and tie it around the part you want the orb to stay with hair elastic, and then slip the orbs over to those elastics. The orbs will grip the hair elastics and stay in place.

The magatama necklace was also made with polymer clay, the bigger orbs made with Ultralight. I threaded them with nylon string (the transparent fishing line stuff apparently?) to create the illusion that they’re floating, because Maya’s necklace in all her art is like, where’s the thread holding them together?!

The wrist bracelets were red bias tape strands that I just knotted into place. xD For makeup, I made it light, and “barely-there”–just focusing on clear skin and bigger eyes. I didn’t even put on falsies! They will just be covered up by her bangs haha

 photo mystery_burger_zpsy6lazdu8.jpgSo I think that covers it! Find your Nick, get ready to hit the courtrooms, point fingers, and yell “OBJECTION!”

Feel free to ask anything in the comments!

xoxo, Xarin

Cosplay Photoshoot at VERA Studio!

Cosplay Photoshoot at VERA Studio!

A month back, I had my very first ever cosplay photoshoot! I have done my fair shares of costumes but the photos are always taken by my brother (my best bud in all things) and often impromptu in public places, using our digital camera. Sometime last year though I met Kevin, who expressed interest in photographing my Fire Emblem: Awakening Tharja costume. We spent a lot of discussion spanning months over where and when we could hold the shoot, looking up various locations and studios that could be suited. Eventually, I saw someone recommend/share VERA Studio to other cosplayers, and promoting they had a discount and loyalty program for cosplayers. It was within our price range, so I booked a slot as soon as Kevin and I saw our schedules freeing up. We also invited Argel, our FE cosplay group’s Inigo and another photographer, to tag with us since the more the merrier~!

The studio was located in Intramuros, which is convenient for me because I’m familiar with the area, and those commuting will find it very easy to locate since it’s right beside Manila Cathedral, which is a very popular landmark. I was charged P30 for a pedicab ride from near the Letran gate to the studio. (I found it better to take one rather than walking because I was carrying costumes and props by myself.)

 photo IMG_3620_zpsd5quydry.jpg

 photo IMG_3623_zpsxluo7aum.jpg

 photo IMG_3629_zpsnxatriwl.jpg

I waited for Kevin and Argel for a while so I took a few snaps of the place. It’s spacious and isn’t cluttered, with a shabby chic/vintage feel. We were given free drinks (in cute mason jars) and chips. The studio had interesting furniture and items you can borrow for your sets, a restroom/changing room, and a vanity for doing your makeup. There’s a lot of natural light from wide windows.

 photo IMG_3622_zpshe2oohkd.jpg

There’s a cozy room set aside for the studio photography. I barely know a thing about photography equipment but I know the dudes were very satisfied by the equipment that the studio had. They had a white and black backdrop available, and some couches and things to borrow as props.

 photo IMG_3631_zps7tr4thnb.jpgSelfie! I also shot my FE4 Ayra costume here. Unfortunately it was rainy during the day, so we don’t have a lot of photos of this baby. Hnngg we will come back to reshoot you, dear Ayra!

Here are some photos Kevin and Argel took~
 photo received_10153371575693351_zpsedrtycur.jpegFire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu Ayra. Costume and props all made by me. Photo (c) Kevin Vincent.

 photo received_10153367458423351_zpsku4m6dpj.jpgFire Emblem: Awakening – Tharja. Costume and props all made by me. Photo (c) Kevin Vincent

 photo sarya_1_zpsbcinrsjw.jpg

Photo (c) Weeaboo with a Camera

The rooftop area boasts a great view of the Manila Cathedral. It’s gorgeous at day, but if you want to be experimental, check it out at night too. The catherdral lights and the color of the skyline is really amazing as the day starts to turn darker. It also fits the colors of my costume perfectly huehuehue

You can also check out Argel’s Facebook Page, or Kevin’s Flickr stream for more photos, apart from my personal cosplay page.

I’ll be posting more photos of the photos we took in a separate blog post, but I hope these are enough to convince you to try out VERA Studio~ The people are accommodating and it’s really affordable too, especially if you’re splitting the bill around. Don’t forget about their Cosplayer Loyalty Card, which will entitle you to 20% off on their services for your next visit~!
– Xarin

Cosplay: Maya Fey from Ace Attorney

Cosplay: Maya Fey from Ace Attorney

Last month my brother and I held a mini photo-session of my Ace Attorney Maya Fey costume! Here are some photos we took.
 photo 2_zps4nbckmzi.jpg
 photo 1_zpsqpzsddsz.jpg
 photo 4_zpsimiyv24l.jpg
 photo 5_zpspj2n3t5o.jpg

 photo mystery_burger_zpsy6lazdu8.jpg
 photo objection_tumblr_zpso9hn63dx.jpg
 photo takethat_burger_zpsno6yiqye.jpg
 photo me_et_joey_zpslup1fbsy.jpgThank you for my brother who’s always there for me and my costuming/cosplaying hobby! One of my bffs right there! Can’t wait for him to join me as Nick!

Costume is made entirely by me, so I’ll be posting construction notes for this costume next time for those who’ll want to make their own Maya costumes! Stay tuned!


Review: Crystal Marble Grey Contact Lenses

Review: Crystal Marble Grey Contact Lenses

Today’s blog post is a review on Crystal’s Marble Grey contact lenses! This is one of the very first lenses I ever bought, for my Fire Emblem: Tharja cosplay. As usual, I bought my lenses from GWYSHOP, which carries one of the cheapest prices for these lenses.

 photo IMG_0749_zpsmjlaw8mi.jpgThe swirlie patterns on them make them (to me) a good fit for a “mysterious” character, so I got these as I intended to use the for my Tharja costume.

I must say that the reason this review was so delayed was because it was not going to be favorable… this has been one of the most uncomfortable lenses I ever wore. It was softer than the other lenses that Crystal carried, making it harder to put in since it tends to flip over and lose its shape. It was unbearable for long hours and whenever I tried to go out wearing it (to take photos of it in proper daylight) I’d end up taking them off more or less so I wasn’t able to get those photos for the longest time.

 photo marble_grey3_zpsrk4swaby.jpgBUT FINALLY they were able to become comfortable!!!! Since I’m a cheapskate I used to buy the cheapest contact lens solution in the market *cough*EO*cough* and on a whim I decided to change brands and splurge a little more. Our eye doctor recommended what she claimed was the best brand for lenses, as they really preserve and embed moisture into the lenses. The solution was expensive tho since it only comes in a 300ml bottle and was P300+… BUT IT WORKED LIKE A MIRACLE and I must say I can barely feel the lenses now and put them on all day. You can really feel, even just to the touch, that they have more moisture. The previous brand I was using left them feeling rough after being stored in the solution.

The design itself (to me) really is good for characters with more mystery, and the thick limbal ring gives the eyes a doll-like effect. The color also shows up rather well in photos! These are good everyday or cosplay lenses.

 photo burgz_zpspjyygz5h.jpgBottom Line: These are good contacts–if you’re willing to shell out extra for good solution. Otherwise, don’t get them, and if you’re very sensitive, I wouldn’t recommend this series as they’re very soft and hard to put on. 

Hope that helps!

Tutorial: Ace Attorney Badge

Tutorial: Ace Attorney Badge

This is the delayed accompaniment post to our Ace Attorney Defense Badge tutorial! The Attorney Badge will complete any Ace Attorney cosplay, if you’re going as Phoenix, Mia, Apollo, or Athena. This tutorial uses polymer clay.

 photo materials_zpsixgl2i8n.jpgMATERIALS:

  • A circle template. If you don’t have a store-bought one, you draw circles using a compass on paper, and cut that out, to use as your template. Make your circle depending on how big you want your badge to be.
  • Gold polymer clay. We paint our badge after its baked so if you intend to do the same, color hardly matters.
  • Craft knife
  • Rubber shaping tools. Optional, but really help.
  • A pointed item, like a toothpick
  • Fade-proof, waterproof ink pen.
  • Brooch pins.
  • Paint or pigment of your choice. I will be using gold metallic spraypaint.

 photo 1_zpsmcsktswv.pngCondition and flatten your clay into an even sheet. Then cut out two disks of the size you want.

 photo 2_zpss2o6cnye.pngOn the second disk, cut out another circle in the center of it. You won’t be using that circle. Layer this “circle-with-a-circle-cut-out” on top of the first disk. You can make the edges smoother and more rounded using a rubber tool, or your fingernails.

 photo 5_zpspqavpd51.pngThe disk with the cut out will become the raised border around the badge. Using a toothpick, mark out the lines that will be the divisions in the border.

 photo 6_zps4jsyjlhg.pngStill using the toothpick, push these lines into the center of the disk, and drag it out was well toward the edges.

 photo 7_zpsbwn6fjmj.pngYou want it to look seamless to the first disk and not just something put on top.

Bake according to your clay’s instructions. After it has been cooled, I also spray it with some gold paint.

 photo 10_zps3yt9fpuo.pngAfterwards, I take my fade-proof, water-proof pen and manually draw the Libra scale in the middle of the badge. Practice first and use a good reference! I messed up mine a bit. xD

After that, it’s just a matter of waiting for the ink to dry and then sealing it in, and then attaching the brooch pins to the back.
 photo IMG_2978_zpslzqldybq.jpgYou now have a cute Defense Attorney badge! For those who prefer seeing things in motion, our video tutorial is also below. Please subscribe if you’d like to get updated on tutorials of cosplay or cute items!

You may also buy a badge from our Etsy shop here.

Thanks and have a great day! Happy crafting!

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