Ordering Sakizo Artbooks from AliceBooks Japan (from the Philippines)

Ordering Sakizo Artbooks from AliceBooks Japan (from the Philippines)

 photo alice_4.png_zpstlchdaov.jpegHELLO FINALLY TIME TO GET THIS BLOG UP AND RUNNING AGAIN! Today I’d like to blog about something that I’ve been frequently asked–how I order my Sakizo artbooks from Japan. It’s actually a pretty straightforward process that’s simply signing up and ordering, so this blog post will be ultra short and sweet! This process requires that you have a Paypal or credit card. If you don’t have either a Paypal or credit card, feel free to message me on Facebook if you’d like me to place an order for you for a small service charge.

 photo alice_1_zpsqismsabu.pngThe distributor of Sakizo’s works online is Alice Books Japan. Their site is in Japanese, but there’s a tab at the upper right corner that will translate the website to English for foreign buyers.

 photo alice_2_zps7xgcak1h.pngI recommend signing up for an account, which secures your details for you in case you’d like to purchase again in the future. Trust me, you’ll get hooked! Apart from Sakizo, who has quite the following among Lolita enthusiasts, I also recommend artists like Matsuo Hiromi and AZSA, especially for J-Fashion lovers~

 photo alice_3_zpsj0lemdmk.pngFrom then on it’s a simple matter of adding the artbooks you want to get to your cart, and then checking out and providing your details. Payment options are thru Paypal and credit cards. For the Philippines, I recommend getting the ordinary shipping, which costs about 800JPY (300PHP) for one book. I’ve used this twice now, and my books arrived to me in 7-10 days, with no tax. (These books pass as documents, and are never taxed whenever I order them, and are delivered to my doorstep.)

Take note that artbooks from popular artists like Sakizo run out fast, so if you want to get something you’ve had your eye on for a while, I recommend grabbing it as soon as you can! The Japanese Yen has low value right now as well, so it’s a great chance to grab the books for cheaper due to the conversion rate!

 photo alice_5.png_zpspof7058q.jpegI currently own three artbooks all from AliceBooks, and intend to get more when something interesting comes up again~

Happy shopping!

xoxo Xarin

Review: Crystal Marble Grey Contact Lenses

Review: Crystal Marble Grey Contact Lenses

Today’s blog post is a review on Crystal’s Marble Grey contact lenses! This is one of the very first lenses I ever bought, for my Fire Emblem: Tharja cosplay. As usual, I bought my lenses from GWYSHOP, which carries one of the cheapest prices for these lenses.

 photo IMG_0749_zpsmjlaw8mi.jpgThe swirlie patterns on them make them (to me) a good fit for a “mysterious” character, so I got these as I intended to use the for my Tharja costume.

I must say that the reason this review was so delayed was because it was not going to be favorable… this has been one of the most uncomfortable lenses I ever wore. It was softer than the other lenses that Crystal carried, making it harder to put in since it tends to flip over and lose its shape. It was unbearable for long hours and whenever I tried to go out wearing it (to take photos of it in proper daylight) I’d end up taking them off more or less so I wasn’t able to get those photos for the longest time.

 photo marble_grey3_zpsrk4swaby.jpgBUT FINALLY they were able to become comfortable!!!! Since I’m a cheapskate I used to buy the cheapest contact lens solution in the market *cough*EO*cough* and on a whim I decided to change brands and splurge a little more. Our eye doctor recommended what she claimed was the best brand for lenses, as they really preserve and embed moisture into the lenses. The solution was expensive tho since it only comes in a 300ml bottle and was P300+… BUT IT WORKED LIKE A MIRACLE and I must say I can barely feel the lenses now and put them on all day. You can really feel, even just to the touch, that they have more moisture. The previous brand I was using left them feeling rough after being stored in the solution.

The design itself (to me) really is good for characters with more mystery, and the thick limbal ring gives the eyes a doll-like effect. The color also shows up rather well in photos! These are good everyday or cosplay lenses.

 photo burgz_zpspjyygz5h.jpgBottom Line: These are good contacts–if you’re willing to shell out extra for good solution. Otherwise, don’t get them, and if you’re very sensitive, I wouldn’t recommend this series as they’re very soft and hard to put on. 

Hope that helps!

Review: Crystal Jewel Blue Contact Lenses

Review: Crystal Jewel Blue Contact Lenses

Hey there everyone! Long time no blog for me! My computer died (again) and had to go back into servicing once more, so I only got it back just recently. It’s sad too as I had a line up of blog posts there that I meant to show everyone! T.T

But carrying on, today I’ll be reviewing Crystal’s Jewel Blue circle lenses. This was my first pair of lenses bought online (I got mine from GWYSHOP) and I was of course worried because I’ve often been warned by my family and told not to buy them outside of optical clinics. But I took a risk anyway because I was tired of my contact lenses expiring every three months when I didn’t use them that often anyway–I mostly only use them for cosplay purposes.

 photo jewel_blue_1_zps9fff931c.jpgI got the 15mm Crystal Jewel Blue, meant to use for lolita or j-fashion wear, and my upcoming Frozen: Anna cosplay. xD The design is VERY simple, and it comes with a very thick limbal ring.

 photo jewel_blue_2_zpseacff98b.jpg

 photo jewel_blue_3_zpsd9af1ce5.jpg15mm circle lenses really give an eye-enlargening effect. I look totes different with and without them on. (But I’m just as gorgeous anyway haha) This photo is taken with an LED light directly facing me. The blue in the lenses are very natural and not very vivid. which is my preference for doll/lolita wear.

 photo jewel_blue_4_zps3f04931d.jpgOutdoors. You can wear the lenses outside with no problem and not getting weird stares from people. xD The color is only noticeable up-close. If you’re looking for lenses that are more vivid in color, this isn’t the series for you.

And now to break it down:

Comfort – these lenses are super comfy so I use them very often; If I have to dress up and go out. I’ve worn them for very extended hours. They are also very natural as I previously said so they’re good for fashion/daily wear.

Price – A pair goes for P250, and GWYSHOP sells them at probably the cheapest price in the market. They have an ongoing “Buy 2 circle lenses, Less 50 for each pair” so you can get these from them for as low as P200 a pair, which are ultra cheap! They also have an expiry of 1 year so no need to replace them often.

Color – the color is natural and is more suited to fashion wear, and probably not very good for cosplaying bright blue-eyed characters.

That’s it! Til next review!

*this review is entirely my own opinion, and is not sponsored in any way.

 photo jewel_blue_5_zpscf9720e6.jpg

Dessert Time at The Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

Dessert Time at The Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

Time for the off-topic non-craft cute stuff! <3 Today I’m sharing photos from The Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. Joey and I went to have desserts there after his first meet-up sale for his up-and-coming shop called “The Friendly Panda”. It’ll specialize on chibi magnets and other cute little items. I treated him to some cupcakes to celebrate the start of this new business! We passed by The Vanilla Cupcake Bakery and it looked too cute to resist!


Wig Review: Alpaca

Wig Review: Alpaca

Sooo last May I joined another Taobao batch on Dolly House and got myself an Alpaca wig, for my C.C. cosplan. I’ve browsed through other stores first, but found that they are either out of stock (Grand Young, Fantasy Sheep) or (2) lean towards a neon-green hue, which is never flattering on anyone. In my quest I narrowed down my choices to Alpaca… or CC Kids, since I’ve seen a C.C. cosplayer use that wig brand and it looked pretty nice color-wise, albeit looking a bit thin (but hey, it was way cheaper).

I went for Alpaca instead since I’ve been crushing on the brand ever since I saw it, and I’ve heard good things about them. I placed my order for this wig:


Taobao Tuesday: Cute Fabrics through DHS Taobao Service

Taobao Tuesday: Cute Fabrics through DHS Taobao Service

FOR ALL COSPLAYERS and Japanese fashion enthusiasts, we all know of Taobao, the Chinese marketplace that seems to have everything we want for sale. Cosplay wigs, otaku items, Lolita dresses–all dirt cheap. It can be a challenge to purchase from Taobao though, as you would need a Chinese Bank Account and even then, shipping costs can be frightening. And still, even then, there are Customs taxes to deal with. Enough to discourage me from wanting to try out purchasing!

But then one of my trusted shops, Dolly House Shoppe (DHS), opened a Taobao Shopping Service group. Hallelujah! A chance to try out Taobao Shopping. In this blog post I’m going to rate my experience with the DHS Taobao Service. And then of course rate the fabrics that I purchased from a certain Taobao shop. (Click here to see the shop!)



Fabrics I bought through the DHS Taobao Service


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