Review : Eyemi Blue Contact lenses

Review : Eyemi Blue Contact lenses

Happy New Year everyone! Slowly trying to get back into the hang of blogging here! 2016 has been meh and cruel to me, and I’ve been in a fairly long hiatus with the blog, even. I haven’t even finished the polymer clay tutorial series I was working on I’ve got some great things in store for everyone this year, and a lot of backlogs to post, including quick and helpful reviews like this one: my quick review of Eyemi Blue.

Looking for a pair of blue contact lenses for your cosplay that will show up on dark eyes? Eyemi has you covered! The brand is currently one of my favorites when it comes to vibrant colors that show up even on dark irises. I have black eye color naturally, and finding lenses that really show up on them is tough.

 photo emblue-1.jpg
Eyemi lenses come in a box packaging, with a really cute cat design! Mine was purchased from Megumii. Buying from them gives you a free contact lens case and kit as well, with tweezers and applicators for the contacts. ^^

 photo em-blue2.jpg
The lenses have 14.5mm diameter, with a limbal ring that isn’t too thick, and design hat isn’t too “out-there” with the focus really being on the color.

 photo 13415549_1114738751933402_3491412862508674207_o.jpg
When worn: First two photos in indoor light, taken with a point-and-shoot camera (digicam)
Last photo (with makeup) taken with the front/selfie camera of a tablet.

 photo 15967357_120300001543745030_951549405_o.jpg
In natural light, selfie taken with a tablet. The color shows up well enough even in selfies taken from arm’s length.
The lenses are also pretty comfortable, and I’m able to wear them for extended  hours. In fact I bought an entire set of the other colors just for my cosplays this entire 2017—*sweats* I’d really recommend these to cosplayers!

How’s your experience with Eyemi if you already have them? What’s your favorite contact lenses for cosplay? Let me know in the comments!

xoxo Xarin

*This post is not sponsored; lenses are purchased for my personal use with my own money.

Review: Crystal Marble Grey Contact Lenses

Review: Crystal Marble Grey Contact Lenses

Today’s blog post is a review on Crystal’s Marble Grey contact lenses! This is one of the very first lenses I ever bought, for my Fire Emblem: Tharja cosplay. As usual, I bought my lenses from GWYSHOP, which carries one of the cheapest prices for these lenses.

 photo IMG_0749_zpsmjlaw8mi.jpgThe swirlie patterns on them make them (to me) a good fit for a “mysterious” character, so I got these as I intended to use the for my Tharja costume.

I must say that the reason this review was so delayed was because it was not going to be favorable… this has been one of the most uncomfortable lenses I ever wore. It was softer than the other lenses that Crystal carried, making it harder to put in since it tends to flip over and lose its shape. It was unbearable for long hours and whenever I tried to go out wearing it (to take photos of it in proper daylight) I’d end up taking them off more or less so I wasn’t able to get those photos for the longest time.

 photo marble_grey3_zpsrk4swaby.jpgBUT FINALLY they were able to become comfortable!!!! Since I’m a cheapskate I used to buy the cheapest contact lens solution in the market *cough*EO*cough* and on a whim I decided to change brands and splurge a little more. Our eye doctor recommended what she claimed was the best brand for lenses, as they really preserve and embed moisture into the lenses. The solution was expensive tho since it only comes in a 300ml bottle and was P300+… BUT IT WORKED LIKE A MIRACLE and I must say I can barely feel the lenses now and put them on all day. You can really feel, even just to the touch, that they have more moisture. The previous brand I was using left them feeling rough after being stored in the solution.

The design itself (to me) really is good for characters with more mystery, and the thick limbal ring gives the eyes a doll-like effect. The color also shows up rather well in photos! These are good everyday or cosplay lenses.

 photo burgz_zpspjyygz5h.jpgBottom Line: These are good contacts–if you’re willing to shell out extra for good solution. Otherwise, don’t get them, and if you’re very sensitive, I wouldn’t recommend this series as they’re very soft and hard to put on. 

Hope that helps!

Review: Crystal Titanium Brown Contact Lenses

Review: Crystal Titanium Brown Contact Lenses

Hi everyone! Today I’ll be sharing my review of Crystal’s Titanium Brown circle lenses. As a quick overview, I find these to be very appropriate and good hazel-brown/golden brown circle lenses. My lenses were purchased from

I wanted lenses that can pass for characters with brown/golden eyes, and usually these characters are strong and usually mysterious and maybe a little sinister. I found the pattern on the Titanium series to represent that very well so I purchased a set. They’re P250 for a pair at GWYSHOP, and you can get them as low as P200 with their current promo code.

The Titanium lenses have a lifespan of 1year and a diameter of 14.5mm.

 photo brown_2_zps8270253e.jpg

Titanium Brown contact lenses in the free lense case that they come with.

 photo brown_1_zpsf6125978.jpg


No edits or filter; Crystal Titanium brown in indoor light. The color seems like a cold-toned gold.

 photo brown_3_zps2ae84b5f.jpg


In outdoor, natural light/direct sunlight (which is always best light imho). The color is a warmer toned brown/gold.


Here’s my overall review for these circle lenses:

  • Cheap price. P250 for a pair of lenses that last for one year is always a good deal.
  • Easy to purchase. Most online sellers often have them on stock and you can get them in a matter of days or overnight in some cases!
  • Good pattern that has a limbal ring to give the illusion of bigger eyes.
  • The lenses have a bit of firmness to them, making them easier to put on a more comfortable for me (at least in my case; i always have trouble putting on lenses that are on the softer side).
  • I would still not recommend these for long-time wear; they get uncomfortable over time (unlike the Jewel series for me which I can wear for 8-10 hours no problem). I use these lenses for cosplay or j-fashion purposes which is probably one day out of one month, so my usage of them is not often. If you must wear lenses daily, especially for prescription ones, I still highly recommend going to your optical store. photo mih_zps12811535.jpg

Hope that helps you guys! Thanks and have a good one~!




Get Dolled Up! SM’s Doll Glam Event Recap

Get Dolled Up! SM’s Doll Glam Event Recap

Hello everyone! Today I’ll be posting my recap of SM’s Doll Glam event held two weeks ago, which was a fun gathering of gals of all ages and walks that are interested in Japanese-inspired “doll” fashion. I really wanted to go to this event right when I heard about it–I always get excited about things J-Fashion related and am super happy that the interest for it is growing leaps and bounds. And I know I’m not the only one happy that Japanese makeup brands that are perfect for this look are finally being brought to the mall shelves! Its about time!

 photo 10474500_10203935474929145_3548905526565664931_n_zps4f495378.jpgBrands like Palty and BeautyLabo for hairdyes are finally around locally. You get free haircolor application when you buy items from them.

 photo 10577061_10203935452888594_1276274828609077064_n_zps74586cbd.jpgThe much raved about Dolly Wink can be finally bought off store shelves! It used to be you can only get them from Japan or ordering from Japanese sites. The good news is the local prices of Dolly Wink here aren’t much different from the prices in Japan, so its just like buying the items from Japanese stores! (Minus the airfare to get there lol)

 photo 10338228_10203935473289104_1398932950275065140_n_zps786772b8.jpgHeroine Make is another brand that is much raved about–and their packaging is sooo cute! Could not resist taking selfie with their life-size stand “heroine” icon. (why don’t I have a proper photo of the booth OTL)

 photo 10349217_10203935455088649_361059792847576696_n_zps5b523c36.jpgThere were free makeovers and product trials everywhere! Hadn’t I wanted to cover the event I would have gotten my hair dyed haha. This gal’s getting her eye makeup retouched in the Maybelline ColorShow section.

 photo 10477119_10203935470529035_5055128700201885781_o_zps5ef790ba.jpgLiving mannequins/roving models around the area, each representing how you can incorporate dolly makeup into common style pegs.

 photo 10533734_10203935453408607_7552614722052352036_n_zpsdca1dd35.jpgThis event also brought together two icons when it comes to the Dolly style–style blogger Tricia Gosingtian and cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao. The gals were real sweethearts and it was cool to hear both of them gush about makeup and personal style. They did a makeup demonstration on two models as well, demonstrating how to get the dolly look. Its all about eyes in the dolly look, so it all boils down to good eyeliner, mascara, and false lashes! Circle lenses would be great as well.

 photo 10535787_10203935465208902_8257552506139005936_o_zpsb7bb6e4a.jpgTen best dolled up from the audience!

 photo 10574295_10203935453888619_8432116447073404533_n1_zps64f44eda.jpg

Met up with Jiandra of M’Lady Bags–check out her shop page if you want a cute bag just like hers which are perfect for the dolly look!

 photo 10575344_10203935466488934_893156725589389125_o_zpse7c92734.jpg

Hello fellow lolita, may the frills be with you! (dude I want her shoes!)

Gals dolled up just for the event! They had a “Best Dressed” from the audience contest too, but unfortunately the gals were onstage so I wasn’t able to take photos of them or their coords. (I also was unable to win in the event boohoo because when I got there the winners were already decided boohoo I wanted the makeup)

 photo 10421391_10203935451768566_7060848053643562385_n_zpsd934b7b0.jpgNo one just wants to stick to ordinary black hair, haha. xD

 photo 10498335_10203935543650863_4579847749733171737_o_zps833d53d6.jpgMy own coord was just based off a more casual dolly look–did my best to resist going on full-on Lolita because the event was mostly for Gyaru, which is a more wearable fashion compared to my beloved frilly j-fashion. I went for a strawberry themed casual coord with a strawberry print skirt (which I made!) and matching strawberry necklace and earrings. I went to the event with my bro, who dropped me off  before he went to art school nearby.

 photo 10296122_10203935450728540_5434356071735471134_o_zpsf13e2356.jpg
 photo 10547062_10203935458048723_9161671320691865117_o_zps81e46b32.jpgAfter the event my bro and I met up at Vanilla Cupcake to chill out before heading home!

I am glad that there was an event like this, and hope for more from SM in the future! It’s amazing that j-fashion and japanese makeup brands are finally setting foot here in the country, and I hope it only keeps going on! The dolly look is fun, feminine, and empowering with its cuteness, so I hope more gals get interested in it, along with finding their style. If you ever want to try it out, our favorite Japanese makeup brands are finally at SM department stores so just head out there and try it out!



Five Simple Steps to Improve your Cosplay Make-up

Five Simple Steps to Improve your Cosplay Make-up

LET’S FACE IT, guys, make-up plays a big part in completing a cosplay. Costume, wig, and make-up are what I consider the “physical” parts of cosplay, and if they look well put-together, it can give you the push to really dig into the “roleplay” part of cosplay better. I’ve decided to write today about five cosplay make-up steps that help “up” cosplay make-up into something more. These are simple things that really make a noticeable difference.

1. Match eyebrows to your wig color.

I think it looks like a real mismatch when your wig color is leagues different from your eyebrow color. Matching your eyebrow color to your wig color really makes you look more put-together, instead of just a version of yourself who just put on a wig. This is especially true for anime characters where their art specifically shows that their eyebrows are the same color as their wig.

 photo Snapshot_20131208_17_zps0f2c03b3.jpg

 Red hair = dark red-brown eyebrows

But I think it’s best to do it with a “realistic” touch instead of going the exact same-shade as your wig. In real life, eyebrow color tends to be darker than your hair color–so do that and color your eyebrows darker than your wig. Blondes tend to have brown eyebrows instead of yellow/blonde, and you can add a dash of browns or khaki to green, pink, or whatever your wig color is to make it look natural.

Coloring eyebrows can be done in many ways--if your brows are sparse, pigmented eyeshadow or colored eyeliners will do the trick. If you mean to conceal them, you can conceal them with a gluestick or spirit gum, and then some concealer. After it’s done, top it with some eyebrow sealer to seal the color in place.

 photo Picture0018_zps2152487b.jpgSometimes I draw on my eyebrows higher, because for the love of all things holy and true, I don’t know how to raise an eyebrow. ^^;;

Of course there are exceptions–characters with light hair but still drawn with dark eyebrows, like Jack Frost!

2. Use Spirit of Gum.

I previously mentioned Spirit of Gum, and I think it’s an investment if you mean to up your cosplay make-up. It’s pricey–usually a tiny bottle costs P299 each at Cinema Secrets–but its usefulness and the effect it has on your cosplay more than makes up for it. You can use it to conceal eyebrows are previously stated, or put on prosthetics like elven ears. However my best use for them is for keeping your wig, especially the “sideburns” in place.

If the strands of my wig are flying all over the face and not sticking close to my skin like real hair or perfect hair in the movies/games/anime does, it sort of looks like something I just plopped onto myself.

 photo shibe_jack_zps5c590bcb.jpg

My brother, Joey, as Jack Frost. Spirit of Gum was used to stick the “sideburns” of the wig to his face. Normally, without Spirit of Gum, that part will be awkwardly raised, not sticking to his skin.

If the wig is clinging to my face–especially the sideburns–it looks more “natural” and helps give the illusion that the wig IS your hair.

Simply brush some spirit gum onto your skin, let it dry for a bit, and then pat it to activate the tackiness. Press the wig strands onto it and it’ll stay in place.

3. Put on false eyelashes.

Of course this depends on the character, you’d probably not want to do it for male bishounens, but if you’re going for the “moe” types–or even sultry, sexy vixens–I suggest you look into getting false eyelashes.

 photo kit4_zps10a0fbaf.jpg

There are many kinds, and they have different effects. There are some that are more natural, perfect for characters that have a more natural and simple vibe. Doll-type ones are perfect for (you guessed) doll-like characters or even for lolita coords. I like the thick, voluminous sideswept ones for “sultrier” characters.

A good way to put on falsies is by curling your lashes first, then curling your falsies, putting it on, then curling them again together, and then finally sealing them with mascara. This helps ensure the falsies look “natural”.

Eyelid tape, falsies, and contact lenses do wonders for small asian eyes!

4. Seal your make-up.

I also suggest investing on a make-up sealer. There are a lot to chose from in the market, from cheaper ones to pricier ones. Since most conventions in the Philippines are done in malls where there aren’t any real dressing rooms, I prefer to put on the basic make-up at home, and then seal it, and then just retouch it when I get to the event. It helps save time! It also prevents your make-up from “melting”, and some sealers have mattifying properties to keep the shine away from your face. There are sealers for the eyebrows, for lipcolor, and for the face in general.

 photo kit3_zps195851de.jpg


Makeup Fixer from Holika Holika, the one I’m currently using. Price is P375.

Sealing can also just mean using finishing powders or even ordinary “baby powder” to set your make-up or body paint in place!

5. Consider a “gradient” lip color.

The “gradient” lip color is a trend now, made popular by the Koreans and Japanese, mostly using lip tints. Blanking the lips using concealer is popular in cosplay make-up since anime characters are draw with no lip color at all, but I’m among a minority that thinks this makes me look pale or lifeless. And I like to think of my cosplay as bringing the characters to real life, and not making myself look 2D!

So instead of blanking my lips or applying full color onto it, I may instead make a “gradient”. First, I put concealer/foundation over the lips, neutralizing the color. And then I put on a light color/stain over the lips–not all the way, I leave some nude with just the concealer. And then on the middle part of the lips, I put on a darker color/stain/lipliner and then I blend the colors for a natural look. Having a darker color in the middle makes you look like you just ate a cherry popsicle, which is cute! I prefer doing this for most characters now instead of a completely nude lipcolor. This tutorial from Rinnie Riot (click for link) can help get you started. :3

It doesn’t apply to all–male characters may be best with nude colors and sexy characters best with full-on lipcolor–so I’m just suggesting that there’s something in the middle too, as I barely see cosplayers use this technique.

That’s five simple steps I can think of to improve your cosplay make-up. Hope I helped and that some of you learned something new. Thanks for reading!

Cosplay Makeup Kit Shopping List!

Cosplay Makeup Kit Shopping List!

Ahoy and good morning, mates! Christmas has passed and you probably have extra moolah to burn and buy a gift for  yourself–and a good investment, if you’re a cosplayer, is a pretty decent make-up kit. ^^


If you’re just starting out and looking to build your make-up kit, let me guide you and help you list down the things you need to buy, along with personal recommendations. This list is also written for those with a low-mid range budget, so nothing too pricey and top-of-the-range. ^^;


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