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Review: 4U2 Gemstone Eyeshadow Quad in Ruby

For my Lili cosplay a while back, I decided to buy an eyeshadow quad that captures Lili’s pink-themed eyeshadow. What I picked up was 4U2’s Gemstone Eyeshadow Quad, in Ruby, thankfully at 50% off sale that day~! I said I would make a review of it but delayed,...


Grand Bazaar Make-up Haul

I went to the Grand Bazaar last 29th and brought home a make-up haul. (I really have no need for clothes since I have boxes in here from my dad). Here’s some of the stuff I picked out and at great prices, too!


The Eyelid Tape Effect

Everyone knows circle lenses and some eye make-up and false lashes make eyes look bigger and more doll-like. One more thing cosplayers are into to create doll-like eyes is eyelid tape. It creates double eyelids for asians who mostly have mono-lids. Having double lids are fun because people...


Review: Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Liquid

I promised myself I’d review my latest make-up love that I bought at a really cheap price at Watsons. Working girls have to put make-up (aka gunk) on their face every day, and have to remove it every night (unless you want break outs). So we always need...


Review: NYX Round Lipstick in Tea Rose

If you want a cheap but quality imported brand, then you should know NYX from the US. While they don’t have a shop here in the Philippines YET, many online sellers carry their stuff and you can also find them in make-up bazaars, like my sis did when...


Review: 12 Color Eyeshadow from Shawill

I’m broke. I don’t have much money to burn. I can’t give you reviews about high-end make-up products, no matter how much I want to. But make-up is an essential thing a working girl needs, especially if you’re a graduate of HRM/HRS/Tourism like I am. If you land...