Steins;Gate Makise Kurisu Cosplay Photos

Steins;Gate Makise Kurisu Cosplay Photos

So last month, I attended my first con of the year–Cosplay Carnival, a new event held by , catered more to newcomers in the cosplay scene. Since I anticipated that I would be going alone, I prepared a simple costume for the event–which is Makise, from Steins;Gate. I haven’t actually seen the whole series yet, but my brother is such a massive fan and wanted us to pair up and cosplay the main protagonists from the series. I gave it a go because she’s wearing plenty of simple clothes that can be bought off the store shelves. I only edited existing clothes I had or bought, sewing in blue bias tape onto the collar, adding on a patch pocket and the likes.

My brother was unable to go with me, but I look forward to having him with me as Okabe soooon!

 photo 12728952_10208074369558924_2019842026132121002_n_zpsbacyxqdj.jpgPhoto by Kevin Vincent.

 photo 12764732_10208074370238941_737506730718812559_o_zpsxyznktvp.jpgPhoto by Weeaboo with a Camera.

 photo 12821380_998282510252383_7939893780323576525_n_zpscwzntelm.jpgPhoto by Mavshutter Photography.

 photo 12615191_10208074416400095_8256509959767264881_o_zpshhgb02zp.jpgPhoto by Weeaboo with a Camera.

Anyway, this is definitely just a self-gratuitous filler post! I honestly doubt anyone here comes to look at my face lol But do stay tuned, next week I’ve got new craft and cosplay posts and reviews once more!

Review: Crystal Marble Grey Contact Lenses

Review: Crystal Marble Grey Contact Lenses

Today’s blog post is a review on Crystal’s Marble Grey contact lenses! This is one of the very first lenses I ever bought, for my Fire Emblem: Tharja cosplay. As usual, I bought my lenses from GWYSHOP, which carries one of the cheapest prices for these lenses.

 photo IMG_0749_zpsmjlaw8mi.jpgThe swirlie patterns on them make them (to me) a good fit for a “mysterious” character, so I got these as I intended to use the for my Tharja costume.

I must say that the reason this review was so delayed was because it was not going to be favorable… this has been one of the most uncomfortable lenses I ever wore. It was softer than the other lenses that Crystal carried, making it harder to put in since it tends to flip over and lose its shape. It was unbearable for long hours and whenever I tried to go out wearing it (to take photos of it in proper daylight) I’d end up taking them off more or less so I wasn’t able to get those photos for the longest time.

 photo marble_grey3_zpsrk4swaby.jpgBUT FINALLY they were able to become comfortable!!!! Since I’m a cheapskate I used to buy the cheapest contact lens solution in the market *cough*EO*cough* and on a whim I decided to change brands and splurge a little more. Our eye doctor recommended what she claimed was the best brand for lenses, as they really preserve and embed moisture into the lenses. The solution was expensive tho since it only comes in a 300ml bottle and was P300+… BUT IT WORKED LIKE A MIRACLE and I must say I can barely feel the lenses now and put them on all day. You can really feel, even just to the touch, that they have more moisture. The previous brand I was using left them feeling rough after being stored in the solution.

The design itself (to me) really is good for characters with more mystery, and the thick limbal ring gives the eyes a doll-like effect. The color also shows up rather well in photos! These are good everyday or cosplay lenses.

 photo burgz_zpspjyygz5h.jpgBottom Line: These are good contacts–if you’re willing to shell out extra for good solution. Otherwise, don’t get them, and if you’re very sensitive, I wouldn’t recommend this series as they’re very soft and hard to put on. 

Hope that helps!