Where to Buy: Polymer and Air Dry Clay in the Philippines

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Many newbies who want to get into the clay arts frequently ask where and how they could get started. I decided to make this list of where you can purchase clay as a help for you all. If you’re outside of the Philippines, check out the list that the awesome deviantArt group semi-sweeties has made for stores worldwide that offer clay and clay supplies.

For the Philippines, here’s a list I made. I already shared these to the semi-sweeties list but their list has not been updated. I hope it is useful for you all. I added  my little notes to each store too.

If you have any shop you want to add, please drop a comment. Most stores in my personal list have been stores that are active online and so I am certain they are still in business. Before I add them to the list, I’d also love to interact with them first to make sure they’re active and to see what stuff they offer (and try ordering from them too someday!)




They have branches all over Metro Manila, and in malls, so it’s always very very convenient to drop by them. If you regularly attend cons in Megamall, they have a shop in the third floor that you can conveniently stop by to purchase some clays. Their selection in that branch is small though. I always visit their SM North EDSA branch instead.
They carry brands like Sculpey and Kato for polymer clay. They also have their own mix of air-dry clay that you can purchase. Also has a lot of tools and starter packs/kits to get started. Also has resin if you’re interested in resin craft!
That aside, they have awesomesauce high-quality art materials. Still one of my beloved shops. I love constantly stalking their online shop, but the physical stores have a lot more choices.
QUICK SHOP REVIEW: Great place to shop, clays and items from the US almost the same price as online shops that also offer US clay brands. Staff is also knowledgeable about brands and the items.



A Cavite-based Facebook shop. Sells only Nendo Polymer Clay and Claytoons Polymer Clay. (You can see my review of Nendo Polymer clay here) Also sells metal findings, clay and crafts tools and supplies, and offers services for made-to-order clay creations. They have a wide variety of tools to choose from as well. Also accepts MTOs. I also highly recommend getting molds for them if there’s something you need in specific because their molds are cheap, and if you only need one or two it’s much cheaper than getting an entire half-pound or one pounder of Silicon Putty mold.

They ship from Cavite, so if you’re not from around the area you’ll have to get shipping, it’s P75 through Erim Express. I received the items I ordered always on the next day from them. Delivery and service is quick, and owner is online frequently to answer inquiries, even about the quality of items and of how to use some products.

QUICK SHOP REVIEW: Nice seller, items shipped quickly and packaged securely, 5 stars for service. They also now accept Paypal for those online-savvy like me.




A Facebook shop based in Katipunan selling mostly US-import clays and tools. You may make an appointment to shop in person at the owner’s residence though. Sells a lot of imported clays and imported clay tools that you otherwise have to order from the US. Also sells a lot of craft tools and metal findings. Due to that, they have a lot of things that are unique.

Their clay lines range from Sculpey, Fimo, Kato, Cernit, Makins, Stiffy’s, Clayzee, Pardo, etc. Lots of variants and brands of clay to choose from. They also carry books by popular clay artists, and other unique lines, like Lisa Pavelka items.

Their prices are slightly (like 1-5 pesos) lower than Deovir, although they don’t have the convenience of just walking into a shop in a mall. However, they ship through Xend, which is P60 shipping to Metro Manila (and when my fare to the nearest Deovir is P100, this is a save!). Stocks also deplete faster than in Deovir so you have to buy something you’re eyeing very quickly.

QUICK SHOP REVIEW: Replies to inquiries and orders within 1-2 days. Paypal purchases require at least 1.5k purchase. Items packaged securely for shipping. My transaction was smooth and easy.




They don’t have an online store. </3 They have stores nationwide, but they do not have polymer clay in all their stores.  Greenbelt, Greenhills, and Rockwell branches are confirmed to carry polymer clay though. If there is a branch near you it wouldn’t hurt to ask!

From the looks of it they carry mostly Sculpey clays and tools. Might drop by their Trinoma Branch one of these days to check on the clay availability.

They also conduct workshops, but mostly for children.





They have a shop in Sta. Ana, Manila, and one in Alabang Town Center.  (EDIT: THEIR ALABANG TOWN CENTER SHOP HAS CLOSED. Please go to their page to see where they have opened a branch instead.) They carry mostly Makin’s Air Dry Clays, but have their own in-store polymer clays as well. One of these days I should try them. Also carry Padico Decollage prods, if you’re interested in whipped cream and Sweets Deco.

Also has a lot of cute stuff for sale from China and Japan, like rements and miniatures, notebooks and stationery, and pre-made handmade items.  Molds on the cheap, and cabochons for Sweets Deco. Also sells bigger craft items like rotary cutters, etc.

QUICK SHOP REVIEW: A friend has complained that their online shop customer service is terrible and she will never order here again, though I’ve yet to give it a try myself.)


 photo JigsandClays_zpsac6236a8.jpg
 photo jigsandclayssculpey_zpsad933188.jpg

JIGS AND CLAY (Jessica Jaye)
Website: https://www.facebook.com/jigsandclays?fref=ts

I and some acquaintances used to follow/recommend this shop back in the Multiply days, because of their one-of-a-kind Steampunk accessories! They also sell limited amounts of polymer clay and polymer clay tools. You may also be interested in other things they are selling–beading tools, glass mirrors, resin, stamping blanks, cameos, etc–or commission them for lovely  etched metal pieces!

They also do preorders, so if there’s a craft item from the US that you’re eyeing on, take a look at their pre-order announcements. They are also authorized resellers of Beadsmith and Eurotools items, so if you’d like to get items from those brand, best give them a shot.

I’ve yet to order from them, but I’ve been eyeing a few things so I might just place an order pretty soon!


 photo wheretobynew_zps57da4e1c.jpgTHE OIL PAINT STORE

Website: theoilpaintstore.com

This shop has a physical store in Sta. Cruz, Manila, and also accepts orders online. They are also an official distributor of Polyform (Sculpey) products so they sell polymer clay and tools from that brand.  You may also want to pic up paints and such that you can use for clay crafting, and other items if you’re into the arts as well!

I’ve yet to order from this store or visit their physical shop; but Sculpey lists them in their roster of official resellers. ^^


 photo 1799154_341899709350290_692914541035196640_o_zps887crjfk.jpg

Website: https://www.facebook.com/claycraft.haven

Recommended by someone on our blog, Du-Kit Clay in the Philippines is the official reseller of the said brand which is originally from New Zealand. They also have a wide variety of tools and findings for those interested to get started. According to one of their readers, locally they have a shop based in Mandaluyong. ^^


 photo clay2_zps7362035f.jpg
 photo clay1_zps3f5f4482.jpg

Three Smitten Kittens

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ThreeSmittenKittensShop

Click HERE to see the items I am putting up for sale.

If this blog really helped you a lot, may I recommend buying polymer clay from yours truly? I’m selling my limited extra stocks of FIMO, Sculpey, and Nendo, at a slightly discounted price than the other shops listed here. I also have for sale rare air-dry clay that you’d otherwise have to order from the US. Purchasing from us helps keep this blog online, so it’d be great support if you did! Please feel free to check out our Facebook page for client feedback and proofs of legitimacy. The items I’m selling though are very limited! Please check my announcements for item availability and when the next batches will arrive.

This page will be updated when I run into more shops, and will be updated with more infor and links to reviews of the shops once I’ve written them. Hope this project is helpful to everyone! If you have a shop you want me to look into, leave a comment or an email at jakilyn_marie@yahoo.com

**All photos are taken from the Facebook Pages / websites of the stores.

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186 Responses

  1. ella says:

    pwede ba akong bumili ng polymer clay at tools niya at eye pin gamit ang pesos . may squishy bun ba kayo

  2. avadaa says:

    all your posts about clay jewelry are very helpful, thank you!

  3. yhem13 says:

    thank you for this. 🙂 i am really looking for shops. mas maganda kasi kung nakikita at nahahawakan mo talaga yung products kesa online lang. (no offense) 🙂 saka makakapili ka din ng tools. 🙂 yiieee. im excited to visit the shops na. hehe! thankiieee. 🙂

    • kageshoujo says:

      No problem! Happy shopping~! Hehe mas masaya talaga sa physical shops pero these days online nalang ako nabili kasi natry ko nanaman karamihan ng brands sa clay so alam ko na ieexpect xD You’re welcome~

      • yhem13 says:

        Hi. Just want to inform you that shmily in alabang is already closed. 🙁 i went there last week.

      • yhem13 says:

        Sorry. I dont know where to reply. 😉 Uhm, how about keychains or cellphone thingy? Are you pricing it based on the amount of clay used? Or fixed price?

        • kageshoujo says:

          Hmm, most of those that I see for sale range from 80-150. ^^ If you want to make a lot of designs and sell them on-hand it’s easier to have a fixed price for everything. Just try to make everything the same size para di ka lugi. ^^ Sa made-to-order, I price it based on the amout of clay + the design. May mga design kasi na kahit maliit, marami namang details needed. ^^

      • yhem13 says:

        Yey! Thank you so much. Such a big help. God bless you and the career youve chosen. 😉

    • gladys lanag says:

      Sis nkapag visit kna ng shop?…wat shop k po ng visit?….gusto q din po kc…..kaso d q lm kung saan….

      • kageshoujo says:

        Deovir is a great physical shop. Tignan mo nalang yung branches nila sa link na ‘to:http://www.deovirarts.com/pages/Stores.html

        Good luck~ ^^

      • yhem13 says:

        Yes dear. Isang shop pa lang navisit ko. Deovir in Megamall. It is located on the “upperest” floor. :))) haha! Im not sure kasi kung 4th or 5th. Basta pinakataas. I also bought some in Claytoons since cavite din ako based. Nkpagtry na ko ng mga designs. And now, my only problem is pano or how much ko ibebenta yung designs ko. Can someone help me please?

        • kageshoujo says:

          For pricing locally I try to charge along the average prices that most other shops sell at. If you go to bazaars/events, most clay shops there sell earrings for 80-100 a pair, and clay charm bracelets for 200, and necklaces for 150-200. Pero siyempre consider din the design kung simple ba or complex, and the size of the item. ^^

  4. Cristine says:

    Ngayong october meron pa po bang nagtitinda sa mga stores?

  5. Ckrism Apps says:

    Thank you po for this list 🙂 Tama, yung SHMILY ARTS AND CRAFTS, napaka snub talaga..ang taas ng order message q tapos ang nireply lang sa akin ay “all are not available” ..chaka talaga..

  6. Mhik Valdez says:

    may bilihan ba sa recto

  7. mem says:

    This is very helpful. 🙂 But can i ask which of those shops sells cheaper? kung saan ako makakatipid?

    Thanks! 🙂

    • kageshoujo says:

      It depends on what brand of clay you want~ Claytoons and Shmily have cheaper clay but mas maganda yung quality ng clays that you can buy in Purplenook and Deovir. Between purplenook and deovir, mas mura sa purplenook. ^^ But mga 1-5peso difference lang. ^^

  8. jenn says:

    Hi! Thank you so much for this! Really helped me alot, this morning I was thinking of starting a clay business then I got this. Thanks again! 🙂

  9. Dais Omisol says:

    shmily’s facebook page got a very bad customer service! >_<
    i planned to make orders but i changed my mind.. tsk tsk ..
    by the way, this blog entry is a big help! thaaaankieS <3

  10. Dee says:

    Hi! Gusto kong magstart ng business na accesories etc. made of clays kasi yun ang napupusuan ko. As a starter, ask ko lang kung anong magandang brand ng clay na medyo cheap ang price para sa mga pang benta kong crafts? And ano naman yung magandang brand ng clay kahit expensive kasi pang personal use naman? Please indicate the price ng cheap and the expensive one. And ano-ano yung mga basic tools na gagamitin ko sa pag-gawa ng crafts. Which is better to use ba, the oven bake clay or the air dry clay? Thank you!

  11. chrystal says:

    Thank you so much for this! 😀 i will try to visit Deovir next week. Ha! I’m a starter and planning to make accessories using polymer clays. This helped me gather infos and tips. Thank u 🙂

  12. lauro says:

    I went to trinoma this morning but could not find any store that you have mentioned even asked the information staff of that mall …. sa national bookstore lang ako tinuro!

    • kageshoujo says:

      Hobbes and Landes is at the third or fourth floor of trinoma ata, it’s very small and easily missed though-and if you couldnt find it, deovir has a branch at SM north edsa right across trinoma! their store is bigger and easier to find at the top level of the sm north main mall. I hope you find them next time!

  13. Nicola says:

    Thanks for posting this!!! Very Nice 😉

  14. I’m gonna try making my own charms na nga, using air dry clay naman. Thank you sa post Sis. 🙂 Anyway, I sell Decoden stuff and cabochons, I’m from Laguna too, please do check my online shop instagram.com/bunnywishshop. 🙂

  15. Louise Ann baby says:

    Saan po yang floor 3rd floor po ba yan at sa sm north Edsa pa ba yan

  16. Cindy says:

    I just wish na dun sa claytoon shop, chinecheck din nila kung expired na oh me kalawang yung pinpadala nila

    • Have you contacted the seller? ^^ They’re okay with replacements naman. I had a bit of trouble din back then when they sent me the wrong size of an item I ordered; I told them and they sent me the correct size immediately. Just take some photos and then contact them if you want a replacement. ^^

  17. macel says:

    thanks for the info..sana may cavite branch 🙂

    • Xarin says:

      Claytoons is based in Cavite. ^^ They can meet-up with you and I think they’re opening their physical shop soon. Get in touch ka nalang sakanila sis. ^^

      • jaime valencia says:

        Is there anyone who can help us where to buy polymer use in drilling rig for board filing, where looking for polymer which is import from italy. we need atleast 10 sacks of it, pls help us. i’m from L. R. TIQUI BUILDERS INC., located at Sta. maria , bulacan.

        • Xarin says:

          Hi Jaime~
          The polymer clay we discuss here are small bars used for arts and crafts. I’m not familiar with the polymer used for construction. D: hope someone else can help you though!

  18. Thank you!!! This is very helpfull:)

  19. leia says:

    I agree dun sa shmily di nga sila friendly.at first i wanted to purchase from them kaso naturn off ako sa customer service nila… kahit na I asked nicely mejo masungit sila sumagot.

  20. mark says:

    magkano ba ang super sculpey clay yung gray? may mabibili ba sa davao city? pde nyo txt ako? 09426568033 thanks

    • Xarin says:

      Hello po, bihira po yung nagsesell ng Super Sculpey, and wala po akong kakilala na meron sa Davao. Best bet niyo po to order online from deovirarts.com , sila lang po nakikita ko na may Super Sculpey. Goodluck!

      • mark says:

        salamat po

      • jeff says:

        hi Xarin im jeff madalas ako manood ng youtube and i always watch sculpting, katulad nila bruce lee, jakie chan and other heroes. meron ba deovir same tools and clays na available pls. reply before i order in USA.

        • Xarin says:

          Hello, best po na dalawin nyo muna yung nearest branch ng Deovir, kasi meron sila pero may mga times na sold out at matagal pa ulit magkakaron. Dalawin niyo nalang po sila kasi hindi ko naman kabisado yung mga tinitinda nila.

  21. Hi I have been meaning to thank you for the longest time, Thank you for including our shop Purplenook Clay Shop in your blog.Several of my first time clients told me they learned about our shop through this blog. Maraming salamat! May the good Lord bless you and the things you do <3

    • Xarin says:

      No problem, Miss Mel! I am glad you have new customers and there are more people eager to try out claying. All my transactions with you have been quick and hassle free so your shop goes recommended~ You’ll hear from me myself as well soon. I’ve been planning to order some things for a while now. ^^

      More power to you and God bless as well~ <3

  22. MJ says:

    speaking about purple nook , i really dont understand how to order from them OTL can you please help me ?

    Btw thanks so much for this blog , i’ve been visiting this several times and commented several times as well , its my go to blog when I’m in a pinch regarding polymer clay and cosplay , Thanks so much !
    more power to you !

    • Xarin says:

      Ohh, it’s pretty easy! Its just that transaction with Purplenook happens 100% in email. I’m an email person kaya its easy for me. xD
      First, email them for their pricelist (their email is in the “about” tab in their fb page). Say “requesting for pricelist please” and put the appropriate subject para spam. They’ll send you their catalog and pricelist and makakapili ka na from the items listed there. ^^ And kapag nakapili ka na, just email them again for your orders.

      Thanks~ <3 And goodluck!

  23. Hello po! May alam po ba kayo nagbebenta ng Polymer Clay sa Cebu? Or yung store na nasa itaas may Cebu Branch ba sila? I’m newbie interested to learn naghahanap ako ng hobby pagkagaling office la ginagawa e!.. I appreciate your reply thank you!

    • Xarin says:

      Hi there! Unfortunately wala akong alam na branch sa Cebu. ^^;; if okay ka naman bumili online, most stores listed can do door-to-door shipping naman. ^^

      • kimmie says:

        Ung mga nakalista dito medyo mahirap contakin -,-

        • Xarin says:

          Aww, it may be due to the Christmas season. ^^;; Kahit kami mismo madaming messages masyado. By experience it is practically impossible or very tough to buy polymer clay pag October to December because stocks get sold out and our shipments (from the US) are stuck in the port (a box I had shipped by November only arrived in February), so if they don’t respond they may be sold out.

          Pero personally I have never had trouble contacting those that I have already bought from. Kanya-kanya kasi silang ng contact preferences–for example, Purplenook only transacts thru email and it’s almost impossible to contact Deovir so mas maganda dumaan ka nalang sa stores nila. Good luck!

  24. Hi po. I have been reading your blog for 2 days now and it is really useful for me. On my case i wanted it to be as a hobby and want to model chibi anime’s or sort’s. I would like to ask if what color of clay would i buy? Cause there are different colors of Polymer clay. Which one do you advice po ms. Jakilyn? Of course i would start po muna on small accessories pra ma familiarize po ako. and what po magandang acrylic paint? maraming salamat po.

    • Xarin says:

      Hi there! Thanks for the support and I’m glad you find my blog useful. For colors, I recommend getting the basic colors–black, white, translucent, and skintone (beige). The rest of the colors can be whatever you prefer–maybe get one shade for every color. ^^ For acrylic paint, I like the Americana brand, pero maganda din ang Reeves and Marie’s. Good luck!

  25. Miracle says:

    Thank you so much po sa mga info.. I got my starter kit at Deovir near Isetann.. ^_^

  26. kylie says:

    Mostly magkano po ung polymer clay?kc po im planning to make a busness gus2 ko po ung medio cheap pra makaabot sa badget qo^^

  27. yhan says:

    Hi po. Can i ask kung san po nkkbili ng keychain parts for keychain making? Thanks..

    • 3SK Admin 3SK Admin says:

      I usually buy mine from a store called Wellmanson in Quiapo, but makakabili ka rin sa SM department stores at sa mall, and places that sell beads and/or sewing supplies. ^^

  28. mark says:

    whre do we buy that

  29. Hi, wala ba silang stores within Laguna Area?

    • 3SK Admin 3SK Admin says:

      Pasensya na sis, di kasi ako nakatira sa Laguna now so di ko alam yung mga stores diyan, ang alam ko lang yung nakalista dito. ^^

    • Thank you for this post. There are no craft stores in our place selling polymer clay or even jewelry accessories. As much as possible, I like seeing and feeling what I’m buying so I’m hesitant ordering online. My first and only purchase is from Deovir. They allow items to be returned/exchanged, and even a refund if proven that they sent the wrong item or the item has a factory defect. Thankfully, I received all items in good condition and I didn’t encounter any problems. Kasi almost 3k din yun -_- But there are some items they don’t have (deovir is doing a revamp so I’m keeping my fingers crossed). That’s why I am looking for other shops. Kaya lang meron silang no return/no exchange clause kahit bawal yun according sa DTI (http://www.region2.dti.gov.ph/index.php/progs-sevces/consumer-welfare/no-return-no-exchange-prohibition). So I could only rely on recommendations ^^

      • Xarin says:

        Hi there! Glad you found the post helpful!
        I find the deovir website is always understocked and their actual branches has a LOT more stock. Especially their Recto branch, which is their main branch. I was able to buy two boxes of one same color there. It also depends on the season (sa ‘Ber’ months their packages get delayed) at times. Pay them a visit sometime~!

        • Sorry for the late reply. I just found out that they don’t update their online shop. But they have a special order option wherein I just send them my request and they’ll find the items from their physical shops because they most likely have them ^^ I’m planning to visit one of their physical shops this month before ordering online.

  30. dhe says:

    Hi po san po kaya pwd bumili ng polymer clay dto sa batangas area…..or air dry clay…pls help po….thanks po..

    • 3SK Admin 3SK Admin says:

      Pasensya na po wala akong kakilala sa batangas area so hindi ko alam diyan, ang alam ko lang lahat ng nakalista dito. ^^

  31. jeff says:

    hi xarin i want to start my hobbies, but key chain and other accessories. meron ba deovir same tools for sculting bruce lee , jackie chan and other famous people.

    • Xarin says:

      Hello, best po na dalawin nyo muna yung nearest branch ng Deovir, kasi meron sila pero may mga times na sold out at matagal pa ulit magkakaron. Dalawin niyo nalang po sila kasi hindi ko naman kabisado yung mga tinitinda nila.

  32. sa pampanga po ba meron/

  33. Elle Vidanes says:

    Hi saan po makakabili ng clay na self-hardening? Yung as in grayish brown yung kulay nya na usually malaking block pag binibili? Thank you.

  34. dagger says:

    Hi di ko po talaga alam kung anu ang unang dapat bilin please someone help me 🙁 i really want to start a small business please help me

  35. Romeo Ostria says:

    xarin.. may alam ka kung san makakabili dito sa cebu? TY

    • Xarin says:

      Pasensya na po Sir Romeo, wala po kasi akong kakilala diyan eh. Try nyo nalang po umorder online sa mga shop na nakalagay dito, nagshiship naman sila sa Cebu. ^^

  36. Mike says:

    Thanks sooo much for this list of stores! I don’t have any idea what or where to buy these Sculpey stuff. Had to look for one for our office exchange gift! haha. Anyways, thanks again. With those listed, where do you usually buy your needs? Do you purchase online or do you go to their store?

    • Xarin says:

      Hi there! Thanks, and you’re welcome too! Glad you found this list useful! I’ve tried purchasing from most of the stores listed here, but these days I order my own stuff from the US because my dad lives there anyway. ^^

  37. Happy Heart says:

    Where’s the exact location of wellmanson in quiapo, any landmarks? also, gusto ko din mgtry ng polymer clay crafts, pero ano ung ideal n price nya pg ibenta s market, ex: keychains or magnets? ty

    • Xarin says:

      Wellmanson is very easy to locate, if you go to Plaza Miranda in front of Quiapo Church it’s at the street at the corner of the big Mercury Drug building. Also almost all the people there know of it, or just ask where to buy beads and accessories kasi magkakatabi yung bead and jewelry stores in that street. There are also many stores apart from Wellmanson that you can check out!

      The price always varies depending on the design. Rings and dangling earrings go from 80-120, stud earrings from 50-80, keychains from 120-150. it’s best you go to a bazaar and take note if you see polymer clay items how much people are selling them for, kasi the prices are pretty fixed and standard. ^^

  38. KiNg says:

    Hi! .. Just want to ask if meron din po ba sa Las Pinas ? Thanks :3

  39. dories says:

    iba ba p po ba ung clay na nanbibili s national book store kesa sa clay po n pde ioven?

  40. aubreyshawol says:

    Ate im metro manila based kasi and meron po bang polymer clay sa mga national bookstore?
    Thanks po please reply. 🙂

  41. Mary Denice N. Ylagan says:

    wala naman nakasulat na lugar eh….

  42. Mary Denice N. Ylagan says:

    🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 :(………JOKE LANG IYON!

  43. nettefive says:

    I also recommend du-kit clays ms. Xarin. Imported polymer clays from new zealand. First time buyer/user ako ng du-kit clays. Okay naman po. May fb account sila and I think meron din shop along Edsa Shaw.

  44. nettefive says:

    Mabait din po magbigay ng tips si Sir Jet of Du-kit Clays. Very helpful sa first time na magcclay. Hope to include his shop on your list Ms.Xarin. TIA.

  45. nettefive says:

    Thank you po sa reply. Tanung ko lang din po kung sa Trinoma branch ng hobbes and landes may tinitindang polymer clays?

  46. ellezirc says:

    Hello. Im going to use claylove poly clay. Bnili ko sya sa claylove poly clay sa fb. Safe ba gamitin un home oven if dun ko ibabake yun clay? Or is there some other way para maging safe pa rin gmitin un oven namin? Thank you.

    • Xarin says:

      Hi there!
      It should be safe, but if you plan to bake clay often, we recommend buying a separate oven for it.
      Also, don’t use any trays you used for clay for food again. Clay is still toxic when ingested.


  47. thax sa info very helpful

  48. summer says:

    Hi there !! Ask ko lng if I can bake it using an oven toaster?

    • Xarin says:

      Hi, we don’t advise baking your clay in an oven TOASTER. We recommend baking them in an electric oven where you can control the temperature. The temperature of a toaster is too high and most likely 1-2 minutes sunog na yung clay mo and will release toxic fumes.

  49. gelyn says:

    Hello po u can add Dowells Clay o Beads. Online store din po cia, and very accomodating ng may ari na si Mam Donna, i tried sa Claytoons but hindi nila prinaprocess pag via cebuana ang payment. And Im very sad about it sa mgakatulad kong walang bank acc.

    • Xarin says:

      Hi Gelyn! Thanks for the tip! I’ll research Dowell’s and add them here.
      Also, you can make a bank deposit kahit wala kang bank account, basta you can go to the branch of the bank itself. Para rin siyang Cebuana, except it’s free, wala kang babayarang extra service charge unlike sa Cebuana or LBC or Western Union. Just a tip. :3

  50. Jamzkie Ria says:

    Hi, thanks for this amazing post! Can you recommend me to a shop where they sell ‘steampunk’ molds or items? Thanks! 🙂

  51. terbs says:

    does anyone know any Deovir brances in manila are sure to sell multiple color scupley polymer clay till this day? kasi i will ask a friend of mine to buy some for me and send it to me here in palawan

    • Xarin says:

      They still sell polymer clay to this day. Ask your friend to go to their main store in Recto if you need many colors, since they have the most stock. Goodluck!

  52. Tina Cabansag says:

    Hi. I was searching for souvenirs para sa baptism ng baby ko tapos nakita ko yung mga clay souvenirs sa OLX at naging curious ako how to make them kasi ang cute. Now the more I research about Polymer clay at yung different cute designs na pwedeng gawin lalo akong naging interesado na matuto. Can you please advice me what basic materials I should buy for beginners like me? Thank you so much. God bless and more power.

  53. Fuji says:

    Thank you so much for this site and other information.. I’ve been searching for it. I can start again learning in making chibi and stuff, thanks alot again.

  54. Thanks for this very helpful clay info on your website! I’ve been planning to buy an oven worth Php15k and saw your post about electric oven in baking clays. OMG you saved me from spending too much! Muchas gracias! 😀 I have tried ordering from Shmily Arts & Crafts and they are very nice in handling my order and inquiries. I received my order complete and in good condition. If I have questions regarding their merchandise, they give me an honest answer. Just inquire and send your order via PM. I purchased their oven baked clays, however, haven’t tried yet. Have you tried it? I also have Premo Sculpey, and you mentioned that it is more advisable if used for business and/or jewelry. I just hope that Shmily’s oven bake clays are also durable for jewelry…

    • Xarin says:

      Thank you too and glad you found our site helpful! And I’m so glad you were able to save, a 15k oven just for clay is way too much D:
      In general all polymer clay is amazing and durable for jewelry and wearable pieces, so don’t worry about it! Firmer clays like FIMO or Premo are just advised by many because it can hold more detail (for example if you want to carve details) because they don’t deform in your hands so easily. Softer clays are squishy so they can’t hold as much detail. But the durability should not be a worry, all clay is durable for jewelry. ^^

      Happy claying!

      • I’m so glad I stumbled upon your cool and cute webpage. It’s very helpful. I am a beginner in polymer clays. Thank you so much for your advice. I am enlightened now. 😀 I’m so excited to start making PMC as a new medium in jewelry. Bought my electric oven already. Your site is truly a blessing! 🙂

  55. Jaye says:

    Just saw that we are now included in the list. Yey! Thank you so much!

  56. Leila says:

    Hi, do you have an idea where to order or a wholesaler of all different shape of novice ceramic and bisqueware? In the Philippines or if not in China maybe, thanks for your help.

  57. Joy07 says:

    Hello good eve po ask ko kang po ano po bang maganda brand na clay fimo, premo or sculpey ? Gusto po sna gumawa ng mga earrings gmit ang polmery clay ung hnd po agad na puputol or nag mmelt?

    • Xarin says:

      Almost ALL polymer clay, if baked properly, will NOT, almost NEVER melt or break. :3 Kapag na-bake na siya almost indestructible na siya. The earrings and accessories I made from 5 years ago when I first started, I still use and are still with me. Ang pinagka-iba-iba lang ng brands ay yung bago siya ibake–yung iba mas malambot, yung iba mas matigas at kailangan masahin maigi, yung iba makintab kapag na-bake na.

      OK lahat ng brand na yan. Yung Sculpey III madalas irecommend sa beginner kasi malambot masahin tapos madaming colors available. Premo at FIMO mas matigas kaya mas mahirap masahin, mas bagay sa mga may experience na.

  58. florenni bautista says:

    hello, g am.thanks so much.my daughter’s so excited when i told her that i found a place where to buy polymer clay.it’s a big help.both of us were really excited.thanks so much for the ideas what kind of polymer to buy,coz she’s a beginner (ako din,he he he).God bless.

  59. MaxxPink says:

    Hello po good evening po ask ko lang po 🙂 my alam po ba kayo na mabibilan ng cheapest clay? Ung pang wholesale po? At pati po ng silicone pattern 🙂 xcept po sa deovir ?
    Gusto ko po sna mag practice gumawa ng earrings gamit ang polymery clay mag sstart po sana ako sa pinaka cheapest clay? Slamat po sa sagot 🙂

    • Xarin says:

      Hi dearie! You can buy silicone molds in baking supply stores, they have them for 120 pesos and above.
      If you’re just starting out, I suggest not buying wholesale first and starting with around five colors. Pero if retail, you really won’t find anything cheaper than 65 pesos/bar. For buying in bulk, you can search for Peachy.ph or Glitz of Joy in Facebook.

  60. Sheryl says:

    Do you have any list of training center in making souvenirs out of clay? TIA

    • Xarin says:

      Hi there!
      There are no formal training centers for clay crafting. The most you can get are workshops from shops or individuals that also work with polymer clay.

  61. Bea says:

    Hello po. Tanong ko lang po sana kung ano po yung pampakintab sa isang polymer clay after nyang ma-bake? tsaka saan po makakabili. Salamat po ng marami. Godbless.

    • Xarin says:

      Most stores that sell polymer clay also sell the “pampakintab”, just ask if they have gloss or varnish for polymer clay. ^^

  62. grace says:

    Hi can you recommend any specific baking supply stores where they sell silicone molds? i’m having a really hard time finding one.

    • Xarin says:

      There’s a big bakery supplies store in Cubao called “Chocolate Lovers'” that has all sorts of molds and baking supplies–just go Cubao and tell any tricycle driver you’re looking for Chocolate Lovers’. In malls, I like going to Wonderbake/Chefs and Bakers (in Fairview Terraces) and online you can look up Baketech. Hope that helps!

  63. Laina says:

    Hey, Saan ng Hobbes sa green hills?, SALAMAT!

  64. Kawaiiness crafter says:

    Salamat I don’t speak that much because I wasn’t born in the philipines but my parents were and for my bday my dad gave me a billion pesos so I was looking for some stores since we are going to the philipines and I found your website and it really helped me.

  65. kiberlyjanetorrefiel says:

    Magkano po ang polymer ate or kuya

    • I bought mine from Deovir’s online store. You can check their fb page or site. Premo! Sculpey 2oz is Php105, Sculpey III 2oz is Php 100, Sculpey Souffle 1.7oz is Php101, Sculpey Bakeshop 2.4oz is Php82. Dukit clay (50g) costs Php 90. The Oil Paint Store has Sculpey and Cernit too, mas mahal ang Cernit. Check mo na lang din yung mga shop links na nasa post na ito to compare prices.

  66. kiberlyjanetorrefiel says:

    Reply nnaman po saan ako maka bili ng polymer clay deto sa mandaue or cebu

  67. KINO says:

    san po nakakabili ng polymer clay here in leyte or in cebu?

  68. billhpotz101@gmail.com says:

    Good day, what is the best clay to be used on sculpting action figure? It should be cheaper than sculpey.

    • Naku, the best one I saw on youtube is Apoxie clay by aves which is expensive. Deovir Arts has it. Another one is Cernit. The Oil Paint Store has it but it’s not cheap. Well, polymer clay can be used for poseable figures. Maybe try Sculpey Bakeshop (2.4ox) for Php 82 or Du-Kit (50g) for Php 90. I think one of the shops offers their own brand of polymer clay too.

  69. Great article. It introduced me to other polymer clay stores here in the Philippines. I’m from Cavite so I was shocked to find out that there’s a store near my area.

  70. Mary grace says:

    Please po favor naman po bago po kase ako sa clay business nto bk nmn po pwede malaman ang instructions kung panu pinalalambot at pinatitigas ang clay please po???

    • Xarin says:

      Hi there, if your polymer clay is too hard, pwede mo siya palambutin by soaking in baby oil for a few hours. If the clay is too soft, put it in between layers of paper para maabsorb nung papel yung oil ng clay and it’ll get harder. Make sure you’re using polymer clay! this doesn’t work for just normal clay.

  71. jhayceeblue says:

    Hello can you tell me san napagbibilhan ng clay sa divisoria..daiso daw di ko mahanap sa net yung address..

  72. J WIlliams says:

    lol I’ve tried inquiring Shmily (fb) about something a couple of years ago (prolly a year ago) and they seem so…idk not very costumer-friendly? I asked about something (i think the price or the stock) and the information wasn’t CLEARLY listed there and you know what they replied to me? THey sent me the link of that product’s photo. I was like..yea, I was inquiring about that one. Like when are u gonna have the item available? (I think because it wasn’t available that time) and they replied again with something along the lines of…”if it isn’t in the blahblah then it isn’t there” LIKE WHY THE HECK WOULD U EVEN PUT UP A PICTURE OF IT? seriously why not put ” NOT AVAILABLE ATM” or maybe “NOT AVAILABLE EVER” instead of giving me a sarcastic sass smh.. never buying from them ever, I was gonna buy a lot pa naman but pfft

  73. Hello i just want to ask where can i buy polymer clay, exactly in divisoria pls reply.

  74. Joanne says:

    Hallo Xarin! Just to tell u that du-kit clay transferred their store. It’s already in Mandaluyong.

  75. Rain says:

    Any stores near laguna or muntinlupa area?

  76. nora says:

    Hi! thanks for the info. I’d really like to try. Newbie here… can you recommend the tools and good clay but not expensive? can you give me an idea how much a clay would costs? thanks and more power! God bless!

    • Paul C. says:

      Contact Peachy Arts and Crafts on peachy.ph@icloud.com . This is the agent for Du-kit clays. They are excellent quality clays and fair prices. I think they’re about 100 php for a 50g block.

      • sherelyn says:

        very poor customer service ang Peachy Arts as they have so many reasons for delays It takes them forever for a single transaction. I like the old former sellers better.

  77. Zhelle says:

    Good day! I was looking for a clay tools for starting my business. I just want to ask lang po if pwede rin po bang no bake ang polymer clay? Or much better po talaga kung ibabake siya?

    • Keeper says:

      Not the owner of the page but I make miniatures using polymer clay (Premo Sculpey and Sculpey III). You have to bake polymer clay, otherwise it won’t harden. Try looking or making air dry clay, yun papatigasin mo lang out in the open for days.

  78. Patsy says:

    Would you know where I can buy brown clay?

  79. Felix Magtoto says:

    Hello po. Magkano po ang shipping fee pag nag order po ng clay sa inyo? Tnx

  80. Felix Magtoto says:

    Hello po. Pwede po bng ireview ninyo ang lil hands bakeable clay. Un lng po kse available sa sm malapit sa amin. Tnx po

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